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Sunday, April 18, 2021

How To Launch Simple Mini Courses In Minutes #ad

Chad Nicely, Steve Rosenbaum, and Chris Jenkins are launching their next three-day workshop, this one is The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop. Online education is a growing business. You can get started and build a portfolio of courses. This workshop will get you on the right track, so you don’t make a lot of rookie mistakes. They explain it all here: The 7 Minute Course Creators™ Workshop  [...]

Courses that provide experiences are trending up #ad

Marisa Murgatroyd is among many who have found that courses that only deliver facts and “how to” information are falling behind. Other courses, that get the student involved in acting on the information (and even more important, get the students emotionally involved in the course), presented get better returns on your investment. She recently ran an experiment with one of her “underperforming” online courses that had some surprising results: ✔️ The conversion rate of her webinar jumped from 11% to 21% ✔️ Sales increased by 33% ✔️ Student engagement and satisfaction... [...]