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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Solo Ad Cash Blueprint: Formula for using solo ads to build your business #ad

Paul Nicholls says he has been using solo ads for years to build his business.You may have had a bad experience buying solo ads from various vendors. You paid a lot of money and have little to show for it. Nicholls had the same problem at firstAfter spending hundreds of dollars (pounds, actually, since he is in England), he took a look at his buying strategy and decided to get smarter about what he was doing.He couldn’t find any quality training on how to do it, so he decided to become the expert, himself, through experimentation.He uncovered some techniques that started working for him,... [...]

Build a massive list with solo ads #ad

Justin Spencer is a list builder who has used a lot of solo ads to build his list, receiving over 15,000 clicks from solo ads.He was quite successful with this process. His list grew into many thousands of people. And now he is sharing how he did it in The 3x Your Money Report.For example, he shares:• How a small snippet of HTML added to his page doubled his earnings• How to make visitors eager to follow your recommendations• How to use what he calls “magic money phrases” to get a stronger buyer response from your visitors• How to cut your costs 30% and make 15% more sales•... [...]

Solo Ad Siphon System: Smart Ad Buys #ad

A Solo Ad is an ad sent in your behalf by the owner of a mailing list. These days, this is a growing advertising opportunity.There are a lot of people selling solo ads to other marketers. Usually, these ads are promptly sent to their mailing list, although occasionally you find a crook who takes your money and walks away without delivering your ad.But there is more to successful solo ad buying than just avoiding the crooks. Some people have better lists to send to than others. Your success depends on finding these people with good lists and then using their lists wisely.Depending on how they... [...]