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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Sneaky List Hack adds 1000 subscribers to your list #ad

Face it, if you want to be a marketer, you need a mailing list of people who have indicated an interest in what you have to sell. Taylor Rizor says his Sneaky List Hack strategy will consistently bring new subscribers onto your list, so you can build a relationship with them and, ultimately, market to them. And, Rizor says, you can build your list without spending any of your money; no solo ads, no Facebook ads, no ads at all. And, in Sneaky List Hack, he has given you a detailed plan. It’s just a matter copying and pasting what he has done, so you can do it for yourself. In this new training... [...]

If a Grandma can do it, you can too #ad

Jeremy Kennedy’s mom has had health problems all her life. She lovingly reared her children even when it hurt. And now she is the grandma to Jeremy’s children. She taught them about hard work and diligence and to always, above all else, treat others as they would want to be treated. Due to her health, she had to quit her job, and, to help her support herself, Jeremy taught her how to market online. With her health issues, she struggled with this new work, and Jeremy struggled, too, hoping he could find a marketing strategy that she could manage. If she had to do it, it couldn’t... [...]

Holy Grail of List Building: hundreds of opt-ins daily #ad

Tom Yevsikov has received over 300 opt-ins per day. His method, he says, is unique. • No Solo ads • No PPC • Blogging • Guest posting • Forum posts Without doing any of these things (he tried them, but soon gave them up), he consistently builds his list. How? Well, a clue is that he uses free traffic, but avoids freebie-seekers. And these are people in a buying frame of mind. That’s important, because a list of buyers is much more valuable than a list of freebie seekers. So he uses free traffic to get hundreds of buyers daily, without spending a dime to get them. Yevsikov has produced... [...]

“Build a list of 1,000 subscribers and make $1,000 in 30 days” #ad

Liz Tomey is a marketer and marketing teacher who has been in this business since 1998. She has built several profitable businesses, including My IM Guru and Biz Model Guru. Besides building her own business, she has built a clientele of coaching students. She just announced a recorded coaching program, available to all of us, not just those able to pay for her more expensive personal coaching. She calls it First List Profits. For a long-term online business, you really need to build a mailing list, a list of people interested in your niche. For example, IM NewsWatch has built a list of thousands... [...]

Easy List Building Machine: don’t believe everything the gurus say #ad

Mike Marin has updated his popular Easy List Building Machine to version 2. Marin admits that list building has been his passion. He became obsessed, spending hours writing articles, getting backlinks, etc. But, no matter what the gurus said, all his work didn’t build much of a list, no matter how diligent he was. In fact, he decided, “most courses when it came to actually showing you how to build a list, were useless, silly, too complicated or involved risking lots of money.” and he determined to find a better way. He found a mentor, a man named Cory Ross, who was no guru, who... [...]