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Friday, June 2, 2023

Spy on website visitors with heatmaps and behavioral recordings #ad

The new Convertifire by Stefen van der Vlog is an all-in-one tools to understand the behavior of your site visitors. Where on your site they decide to click through and buy; where they decide to give up and leave, and lots more. This new software provides the perfect addition to your Google Analytics data. Here are some of the additional data it can give you: ■ Click maps including confetti, smudge, and element modes ■ Eye-movement maps with ninja-like powers so you’ll know where they look ■ Scroll maps that provide details of visitor activity ■ A robust play-back tool so you can... [...]

Viber Spy Pro: Track your site visitors #ad

The website intelligence market is heating up. Ricky Mataka and Marius Price just released Viber Spy Pro, hard on the heals of WP Real Time Mouse Tracker, as reported yesterday. This new software helps you understand how visitors use your site. You can see an aggregate With Viber Spy Pro, you can see what your visitors are doing wherever they go on your site. Their mouse clicks and scrolling activities are captured as they explore. Their movements can give you clues about where they are confused and why they aren’t opting in or buying. With this new knowledge, you can improve your site... [...]

WP Real Time Mouse Tracker shows you what your site users are doing #ad

Don Westendorp wanted to know more about how visitors used his site. But he found that although there are programs that track people’s movements on the site, their information is limited and hard to extract and interpret, so he built Don’s WP Real Time Mouse Tracker to give the data you need so you can take useful action. Westendorp put a lot of good analysis in this plugin: • A Dashboard that gives you summary information about visitor activities • Heatmaps that show (a) where people tend to click or (b) where they just move their mouse • Detailed recordings of what... [...]