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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Green Screen Studios Bundle: better videos for better marketing #ad

Green screen technology can improve the appearance of your videos, making them more likely to: ► Get people to watch till the end ► Attract Likes, Tweets and Re-posts ► Get clicks on your Call to Action buttons With green screen technology, you record your video in front of a screen that is a particular shade of green. You then use software to remove that green backdrop and replace it with any scene you have a picture of. In the final video after the software processes it, you could be sitting at a TV news desk, standing in an office, or in a scenic outdoor location. If you have the right... [...]

Make professional quality videos, even from your mobile device #ad

As reported yesterday, Matt Houghton and Todd Gross released Virtual Studio Simulator, software and training that put green screen videos within the reach of any marketer. No longer do you have to be rich and famous to afford green screen effects in your videos. No longer do you need a lot of expensive gear, a professional studio and plenty of time and patience. this training shows you how to create these videos with a little patience, a camera (even a cell phone camera) and some free or reasonably-priced software. Houghton’s training shows you how to make professional, attention-grabbing... [...]

Green screen virtual studios 3.0: Put some pizzazz in your videos #ad

As more and more marketers are turning to video to get their message out, they are turning to the same green-screen technology TV stations have been using for a long time. With this technology, you or your announcer can be placed in any kind of environment you choose, from standing in front of the White House to deep inside a cave. Jose Nunes has created backdrops you can use as “virtual studios”, locations where you can appear using green-screen technology. He has packaged 24 background into Green screen virtual studios, available at $15 for a limited time. (He is raising the price... [...]