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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Guide to Google’s Advanced Image Search

By optimizing Google image search, you can give a boost to your website traffic. Search Engine Journal contributor Natalie Hoben has published a ‘Guide to Google’s Advanced Image Search’. Hoben says, “Searching for images on Google is a simple process. Many of us can quickly find a picture of something we are searching for by performing a basic Google image search. Google populates the results, sometimes with ads in the first row, with rows and rows of images and then links back to their respective websites. This is the standard image search functionality that most... [...]

Images Are Going To Infiltrate Google Search [Video]

To create long lasting impact on your customer’s minds and influence them your visual content must be well-optimized. Image optimization process can help you to get more traffic to your sites. PPC Hero contributor Alaina Thompson has shared a video ‘Images Are Going To Infiltrate Google Search’ describing the future of images in SEO. Thompson says, “Do you ever want to compare notes on the PPC media industry with people outside of your company? Do you ever want to hear what other paid media experts are concerned about, excited for, or planning to test? Our... [...]