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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Enhance your website with free Google fonts #ad

People do judge a book by its cover and a website by its appearance. The more professional your site looks, the money money it can make for you. Among the no-charge services Google offers is a set of 600 fonts that they make available to any website at no charge. No longer are you stuck with Arial or Tomes New Roman (and a few other Microsoft “safe” fonts that all browsers support.) Now you can design your site around the rich selection of professional fonts offered by Google. Google came out with their Web Fonts library to give website owners a choice of high-quality fonts that will... [...]

G-font Plugin: Put some zing into your web pages #ad

No more boring fonts with G-font Plugin. Face it: the default WordPress font is dull (adj.: boring, bland, blah, vanilla, same ol’- same ol’). It does nothing to enhance the excitement of your message. But Google has free fonts that can dazzle your visitors. Google fonts can be three-dimensional, or have a drop-shadow, or have outline only, and be in many colors, plus many other effects. That’s in addition to the basic variations of serif and sans-serif fonts of many styles. With the rich variety of fonts Google offers free, you may never have to buy a font. And one more thing:... [...]