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Friday, May 14, 2021

Featured Snippets: What to Know & How to Target [Video]

Google’s featured snippets allow you to get a special position on search result pages. The snippets capture most appropriate description that satisfies the searcher question. MOZ team has published a new video ‘Featured Snippets: What to Know & How to Target’ featuring Britney Muller. Watch this video to learn how you can take apt advantage of snippets. MOZ team says, “Featured snippets are still the best way to take up primo SERP real estate, and they seem to be changing all the time. Today, Britney Muller shares the results of the latest Moz research into featured... [...]

Dealing with the evolution of featured snippets [podcast]

Google has launched Featured Snippets to provide its users with a concise, direct answer to their questions. The snippets present these answers on the search results page, without the users having to click through to a specific result. Rank Ranger’s Mordy Oberstein has published a new ‘The In Search’ podcast on how to use featured snippets in your marketing. This podcast featuring Nigel Stevens, CEO & Growth Lead at Organic Growth Marketing. Listen to this podcast and learn: What tips the scales when Google chooses content for its Featured Snippets? How can you know? How... [...]