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Thursday, December 3, 2020

‘Twitter’s First Post-IPO Earnings: What to Expect’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Twitter’s First Post-IPO Earnings: What to Expect”. Seth Fiegerman says, “Twitter will release its first earnings report on Wednesday since going public in early November. As with the rest of the IPO process, chances are Twitter’s team hopes to do the opposite of Facebook.The day after Facebook’s first earnings report as a public company, Facebook’s stock hit a new all-time low. The concern at the time was whether Facebook had the potential to monetize on mobile.For Twitter, mobile growth and monetization aren’t... [...]

‘What Facebook Will Look Like by 2024’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “What Facebook Will Look Like by 2024”. Todd Wasserman says, “Online empires come and go. At one time, Alta Vista was the top search engine and Netscape was the only web browser. Both are now gone. Will the same happen to Facebook?It’s unlikely the company could completely exit the stage. However, the Facebook of 2024 will look very different from today’s version. Primarily, the company will continue to morph from a social network to a more traditional media company. Several macro trends will likely drive that transformation,... [...]

‘Facebook Tests Graph Search on Mobile: How It Works’ – ‘Mashable’

The latest post on ‘Mashable’ is titled “Facebook Tests Graph Search on Mobile: How It Works”. Seth Fiegerman says, “I’m usually the last person to get new features on Facebook. It took days before I started seeing the “trending” section on the main page and I still haven’t been updated to the redesigned Facebook, though the latter may end up getting scrapped anyway.So when I updated a few of the apps on my iPhone on Saturday and saw that I suddenly had access to Graph Search on the Facebook app, I just assumed everyone else did too. Apparently not... [...]