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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Five Ways To Upgrade Your Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook has remained at the center when it comes to social media marketing. With the right Facebook promotional tactics, you can take your business to the next level. Social Media Examiner contributor Anna Sonneberg has shared five tips to help you upgrade your Facebook marketing strategy for 2022. She says, “In this article, you’ll discover five ways to supercharge your Facebook strategy. #1: Include Short-Form Content Create Short-Form Video for Facebook Reels Borrowing another Instagram-first feature, Facebook launched Reels in late September 2021. These short-form videos made a splash... [...]

How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy [Video]

Facebook is still one of the most populated social network. It provides the businesses maximum visibility with an effective marketing strategy. HubSpot team has published a new video ‘How to Evaluate Your Current Facebook Marketing Strategy’ to help you improve your Facebook marketing performance. The HubSpot team says, “Most of you have been using a personal profile on Facebook for years at this point. And it’s possible that some of you have even had your Business Page for years, too. But, let me ask you this, how often do you review your Page’s performance? More... [...]

FB Social Infiltrator: Get targeted traffic from Facebook #ad

Dan Green thinks the best place to find online customers is among the Billions of Facebook members. But to be effective in using Facebook, you need to target the members who are clearly interested in your niche. Don’t broadcast your ads to everyone; narrow-cast just to the niche audience. Facebook has done a lot of the target identification for you. People are clustered in groups relating to their interests. If you can find relevant groups and address your messages to those groups, your efforts will be more productive. Green just released FB Social Infiltrator to help you find the groups... [...]