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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Four Ways to Promote Limited-Time Offers with Facebook Ads

Limited-time offers work well during the holiday season and help you to generate more sales. If you are using Facebook to reach out your audience, you can use Facebook ads program to directly promote your offers during this peak season.Social Media Examiner contributor Sally Hendrick has shared four ways to use Facebook ads for promoting limited-time offers. Hendrick says, “To maximize potential sales, use a multi-faceted solution that involves Facebook video and retargeting ads to deliver your offers automatically. A few days prior to your campaign going live, you’ll need to have the... [...]

Facebook Image Sizes and Ad Dimensions [Infographic]

On Facebook, images and video content get preference over text. To promote your products and services on Facebook, you should invest your creative efforts in designing attention grabbing graphics that help you to convert more customers. TechWyse contributor Adi Suja has published a an infographic featuring all Facebook Image Sizes and Ad Dimensions. You can use this data for designing your ads. Suja says, “Facebook has ensured that visual content will be more useful for marketers to communicate with their audience effectively. This includes photos, GIFs, and videos. Effectively using visual... [...]

2019 Facebook Full-Funnel Report

ROI Revolution team has published ‘2019 Facebook Full-Funnel Report’ to help marketers understand how they can strengthen their business with different Facebook tools.This report, focused on Facebook advertising, offers key insights, strategies, and metrics to grow your brand profitably.Download the report to learn following:How both awareness and direct response ads fuel your brand and nurture consumers to a sale.The four platforms of Facebook and the unique strategies to maximize value on each one.Game-changing insights around multi-touch attribution that lead to increased... [...]

Graph Authority App: sophisticated targeted Facebook ads #ad

Precious Ngwu has produced the most extensive tool ever for finding individual Facebook members who are good prospects for your ads, for any niche you choose.He calls it Graph Authority App, and he released it over the weekend to rave reviews.This new tool, once you choose the niche to target, can find: ■ People who are members of a group in that niche ■ People who attended an event in that niche ■ People who “like” a particular page ■ People who respond to a Facebook post related to the nicheThrow in additional criteria such as gender, where they dine, where they shop... [...]

‘Are Facebook Ads a Failure?’ by Jay Baer

Jay Baer‘s latest ‘Convince & Convert’ blog post is titled “Are Facebook Ads a Failure?″.Baer says, “Even though Facebook continues to maintain its impressive user growth and rack up advertising revenue, that growth is coming despite a major shift in the promise of advertising on that platform. Right now, Facebook is on track for $6 billion in ad revenues but it’s walked away from the fundamental premise of its ad platform”.Are Facebook Ads a Failure?Jay Baer’s ‘Convince & Convert’ Blog [...]

Auto Facebook Marketer: Facebook meets Marketing Automation #ad

Bertus Engelbrecht just announced version 2.0 of Auto Facebook Marketer. The name is self-explanatory.There’s a lot of tedious “busy work” involved in Facebook marketing. But with this new tool, you can automate it.It would speed your marketing and make it much easier if you could:• automatically post messages to groups and to the walls of your friends• automatically issue a friend request• automatically joins groups• automatically “likes” pages• find leads ready to buy your productsAuto Facebook Marketer will do all that and more.One... [...]