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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Combining Emotional Marketing and Influencer Marketing

While customers usually think their buying decisions are rational, most of the time they are influenced by how the buyer is feeling, or by influential people they see using the product or service. In fact, customers are more likely to buy a product, because they’ve seen an ad that stirred them emotionally; or, they’ve seen a respected personality on social media using the product. Thus, wise marketers take advantage of these tendencies to influence buying decisions. In this article, we’ll take about both emotional marketing and influencer marketing, and how they can improve your results.   Make... [...]

Strategies to drive customer decisions

To grow your sales by making more people buy your products you need to deal with the customer emotions. By touching upon them closely you can make them take purchase decisions – we call empathizing. MarketingSherpa contributor Linda Johnson has shared a useful article on venturing into emotional marketing. On what drives the customer decisions, Johnson says, “The IPA is one of the world’s pre-eminent trade bodies for marketing communications agencies. Marie Oldham, Chief Strategy Officer, Havas Media, stated that the evidence suggests deeper, meaningful need states are... [...]