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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

How to Sell More Products Online with the Same Work #ad

Today, Revolution Labs, a partnership of Pat Flanagan and Emilis Strimatis, is releasing the revised and enhanced version of the successful FunnelKit, their new FunnelKit Go.. FunnelKit Go is a WordPress plugin that lets you to create squeeze pages, sales pages, webinar pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, and thank you pages in a matter of minutes. This is a fool-proof page builder that allows you to turn your website vision into reality easily, quickly and without technical hassles. If you want to succeed online, you need top converting, professional pages at every level of your funnel: •... [...]

Product Academy Incubator; coaching for marketers #ad

Sometimes, it’s difficult to make money online. That may be an understatement. Statistics reveal that more than 97% of Internet Marketers never make a dollar online. No doubt you want to be in the 3% who succeed. To rise from failure, you need to do the things that failures don’t do. The thing most people who succeed point to as the thing that turned their career around is having a personal coach or mentor. A coach is someone who shows what you need to be doing, and more important – how you need to be doing it. Coaching is often expensive, hundreds or thousands of dollars per hour. But... [...]

Second Squeeze page Training Video available #ad

Emilis (a.k.a. Emka) Strimatis has just posted his second free video on building successful squeeze pages free video on How to Create the Perfect Squeeze Page(also called “lead capture page”.) Some of them will surprise you. It is on the same page as his first video: Video: The 20 most common squeeze page mistakes. Like the first video, the second provides actionable information on building good squeeze pages. Why is he giving away all this good information. He has a launch coming up later this week, and he wants people to get to know how helpful his training is. He plans three videos,... [...]