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Saturday, June 10, 2023

Email Design Trends for 2022

The email has remained the frontrunner when it comes to online marketing. With the right targeting and designing strategies, you can continue to excel in email marketing. Content Marketing Institute contributor Kevin George has published an article highlighting three email design trends for content marketers to use in 2022. He says, “Let’s check out three design trends that will rule this year. 1. Minimalistic email designWith inbox information overload, simple design strategies will rule the roost. Minimalistic emails work because they promise a sharp focus on the core communication task. They... [...]

Everything You Need to Know about 2020’s Emails Design Trends

Email marketing domain keeps evolving with new tactics. Email remains one of the most trusted marketing tools. Since its the time to plan for the new year’s marketing tactics, we present an infographic that highlights email design trends for 2020. Talking about the email design trends, MarketingProfs’ Vahe Habeshian says, “To draw in and engage recipients—and result in more conversions—email-design innovations continue unabated. Which is why visually striking and technologically advanced emails will be the face of email design in 2020. An infographic by email software... [...]