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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Improving your WiFi access in office or home? Don’t believe everything you read.

In my office, I have some dead spots, where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach very well. The result is that the speed drops significantly, or sometimes even stops altogether. That can be bad news for your efficiency. So, I am interested in whatever can be done to improve our WiFi results, including an article I read today. As reported on, there is a “simple change” you can make to improve your WiFi reception so you can reach your whole area at a normal speed. It involves “improving” your router’s antenna with a home-made reflector. The problem?... [...]

Jonathan van Clute Releases ‘Easy Prepop’ Software in Public Beta

Jonathan van Clute has released the ‘Easy Prepop’ software in Public Beta. According to Cute, this version of the software has a new interface and it also has a functional tracking subid for passing unique data back to affiliate network. [‘Easy Prepop’ Software] […]  [...]

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