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Thursday, September 28, 2023

How big of an SEO problem is duplicate content? [Podcast]

WIX SEO Hub has published the latest episode of SERPs Up SEO Podcast ‘How big of an SEO problem is duplicate content?’. The WIX team says, “What’s true and what’s not about content duplication and SEO? Mordy and Crystal discuss duplicate content truths, legends, and falsehoods on this episode of the SERPs Up SEO Podcast. Unbeknownst to many, there is no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. Google is more likely to just not index duplicate content rather than punish an entire website. It’s pretty common for large websites to have duplicate or near duplicate content. In... [...]

Two Ways to Remove Duplicate Content

Duplicate content confuses Google and forces the search engine to choose which of the identical pages it should rank in the top results. Regardless of who produced the content, there is a high possibility that the original page will not be the one chosen for the top search results. Practical Ecommerce contributor Ann Smarty has shared two ways to remove duplicate content. She says, “Here are two good ways to remove duplicate content from search engine indexes — and eight to avoid. 2 Ways to Remove To correct indexed duplicate content, consolidate link authority into a single page and... [...]

How to Resolve Duplicate Content [Video]

MOZ has published a new Whiteboard Friday video ‘How to Resolve Duplicate Content’ featuring Meghan Pahinui. The MOZ team says, “What is duplicate content, and why is it a concern for your website? Better yet, how can you find it and fix it? In this week’s episode of Whiteboard Friday, Moz Learn Team specialist, Meghan, walks through some handy (and hunger-inducing) analogies to help you answer these questions”. How to Resolve Duplicate Content MOZ  [...]

Same Content in Different Formats is Not Duplicate [SEJ]

Search Engine Journal contributor Matt Southern has published an article titled ‘Same Content in Different Formats is Not Duplicate’ citing Google’s Jon Mueller as the source. He says, “Google’s John Mueller says identical content published in different formats, such as a video and a blog post, is not considered duplicate content. Site owners can safely repurpose a video as an article, for example, without concern about Google seeing the two pieces of content as the same. It’s even possible that duplicate content isn’t as great of a issue as site owners and SEOs make... [...]

Dupizer Plugin: Make sure Google gives you credit for your content #ad

IM NewsWatch has a problem. Several other sites copy our content wholesale (without asking permission). We noticed it because they try to get us to backlink to their copy, which we never do. In ordinary times Google scans our site for new content frequently, so it knows we are the original source. The imitation copies probably give the culprits no SEO benefit, because Google doesn’t like duplicate content. Sites like these get what they deserve, a cold shoulder from Google. This is a result of the most recent Google algorithm changes, Penguin 2.1, also known as Hummingbird. But what about... [...]

‘Duplicate content what?’ by George Katsoudas

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George says, “If you have been involved with search engine optimization, you may have also heard about about the duplicate content penalty“. [George Katsoudas’ Blog] […]  [...]

‘[VIDEO] Article Marketing and Duplicate Content’ by Jeff Herring

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Jeff Herring’s latest blog post is titled “[VIDEO] Article Marketing and Duplicate Content – The Definitive Answer You Can Profit From…”. [Jeff Herring’s Blog] […]  [...]

‘Article Marketing and Duplicate Content – The Definitive Answer You Can Profit From’ by Jeff Herring

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Jeff Herring Says, “Article Marketing and Duplicate Content…”. [Jeff Herring’s Blog] […]  [...]

‘Duplicate Content is now a Penalty’ by Jeff Mills

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Jeff Mills’ latest blog post is titled “Duplicate Content is now a Penalty – According to Google” [Blog] […]  [...]

‘Ranking In Google With Duplicate Content’ by Patric Chan

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Patric says, “I will be releasing a new revolutionary software on 3rd February which solves duplicate content problem permanently,”. [Patric Chan’s Blog] […]  [...]