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Monday, July 22, 2024

Video Cash Firesale: Great savings for two more days #ad

As you know, video is the most popular content on the Internet. It makes sense: •It’s an effective communication platform, •It’s perfect for delivering sales presentations, •Search Engines (especially, Google) rank it highly, •YouTube is more popular with the general public than ever, etc. In addition, marketers like it more and more because it’s also easier than ever to create and use videos. Actually, that very fact, the proliferation of tools and services, leads to “analysis paralysis” among marketers. What tools, processes and services should we use to create... [...]

Pro Flex Press Business Theme: build unique professional websites #ad

Arief Ramadhan is a website developer, working for a variety of clients. he had a business problem that really bugged him: His clients needs were so varied that every time he had to build a new site from scratch, which was time-consuming and which limited his profitability. To solve this problem, he decided to create an innovative WP theme that is flexible enough to satisfy all his clients’ needs. After almost a year research and development. Ramadhan has finished his work, and rather than keeping it to himself, he is offering you a chance to get his Pro Flex Press Business Theme for your... [...]

Video squeeze pages for better opt-in rate #ad

15 squeeze pages (also known as landing pages) are available in this attractive package called Magic Video Squeeze Pages There are a variety of designs included, sharing one thing in common. They all take advantage of embedded video to make a deep impression on visitors so they are inclined to opt in to your mailing list. They come with mix-and-match headers, footers, colors and more. Plus a package of graphics you can use with any of the pages, such as: • 4 types of video frames to customize the look of your page • 5 designs of “Play” buttons • “Call to Action”... [...]

Do you need an information product to sell? #ad

Jeremy Burns is famous for creating high-quality products for other people to sell. For about 7 years, he has been creating bundles of products he calls his Source Code Goldmine or SCGM for short. Each time he releases a new SCGM, people flock to it because they know the products in it are high-quality and will be something they would like to resell. They don’t mind having their name associated with anything Burns creates. He is about to announce his 13th SCGM on September 13, for $197. But IM NewsWatch has gotten early access to SCGM 13, and we are making this access available to you, as... [...]

DotCom Profit Sniper: How to buy domains cheap and quickly profit selling them #ad

Mike Tyler has been flipping domains for big profits for three years now. He has found a source for domains that have all the earmarks of a winner (a bit of age, for example, and numerous backlinks). When he locates a good candidate domain, he buys it, dresses it up with an attractive set of pages, and flips it. And he says he makes $hundreds in profit each time. Now, in DotCom Profit Sniper, he shares the process he follows that leads to successful flips. Even better, DotCom Profit Sniper includes software to find the kind of domains that Tyler has had his best success with. You not only get the... [...]

Commission Comet: complete A – Z affiliate SEO training #ad

Stephen Gilbert has just released Commission Comet that shows you how to quickly rank sites for 10k+ search terms on the 1st page of Google. If you’re a new entrepreneur you’ll learn how to rank for advanced search terms. In fact, using this exact method they were able to rank a site on page 1 for a “180+ gravity” term on Clickbank. That “180” indicates it was being promoted by lots of affiliates and so was quite competitive. Gilbert says that using the methods in Commission Comet you can “pocket upwards of $300 – $400 every week and it ONLY takes... [...]

Experienced marketer builds Niche Video websites for you #ad

If you need a website built and don’t know where to turn, the SEO Expert Services company is offering to build “Niche Video Profit Puller” sites for people and optimize them for search engines. They custom-build sites for the niche you select. You tell them the niche you want. They recommend exact match domain names you can buy. Once you buy a name, they build a site for the niche. They build sites that: • Are filled with 20 niche-related videos from YouTube, so you have a lot of relevant content • Have additional content, three custom-written articles for the niche •... [...]

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