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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ad ReSpark: Software Every Small Online Business Needs #ad

Devin Zander and David Abrams describe their new small business marketing tool, Ad ReSpark, as “the must have tool for ad creation”. Why is that? Well, when it comes to creating ads, small businesses just don’t have a lot of choices. They don’t usually have a lot of money to spend on experiments or an in-house design expert to create professional graphics or even a copywriter to produce expert ad content. The only choice, usually, is to hire a professional, but that would eat into the budget, and the business wouldn’t be able to run their ad as often. Ad ReSpark was... [...]

eCom Premier Academy: Affordable training for eCommerce success #ad

eCommerce is a tried and proven way to earn a living online. Build an online store where you sell what people want to buy, then promote your store properly to bring in traffic. This sounds simple, and seen from 5,000 meters (15, 000 feet), it is simple. It’s only when you get down to the ground level and actually start doing it that you notice the complications and experience the frustration. But if you find a good mentor, someone who has already gone through the complications and frustrations and is willing to share what he has learned, then you can bypass a lot of trial and error, with... [...]

Social Lead Chief: pre-sold leads from Facebook #ad

The important thing about marketing messages, however well crafted, is that they need to be presented to people who have a need and a desire for what you are selling. Otherwise the effort (and expense) is wasted. New software, called Social Lead Chief 2.0, helps you find Facebook members who are looking for what you are selling, so that your sales message can be presented to them. It finds these people by inserting quizzes, surveys and polls in the Facebook newsfeed. In a nutshell, here is what it can do for you: ■ Run Viral quizzes in people’s Newsfeed. ■ Use the lead capture... [...]

Social Lead Chief 2.0: a bridge to Facebook buyers #ad

There’s a recent marketing concept called bridge marketing. The idea is that you build a bridge leading the customer from their current problem situation to the product that can solve the problem they face. It’s a bit of educational activity, You are “priming the pump” so that the customer understands why they need a solution and what a solution should look like, so that when you show them the product you recommend, they see that it is the solution they have been looking for. Today, there’s a new tool being released by Devin Zander and Stefan van der Vlag, called Social... [...]

How’s your SERP? If it’s good, rent it out #ad

If you build a local niche site (for, say, auto repair) and rank it highly in the local Search Engine Ranking Pages, auto repair shops will probably want to rent it to improve their traffic. Putting their content onto your ranked site with the new Rent-a-SERP software can: 1. Quickly add their content to your site, overlaying it on top of your prior content 2. Preserve your ranking because the traffic that you ranked is still on the page and still found by Google 3. Earn recurring revenue from a local business that wants to take advantage of your rank. This software does it all, with your guidance.... [...]

Rent-a-SERP: Rank local websites, then rent them. No cold calls. #ad

Local marketing consultants can earn residual income through renting domains to local merchants, instead of selling them. That’s not a new business; but it’s a good one for any local consultant. Business owners are spending hundreds of dollars each month to promote their business. Many times their money is wasted. If you can show them your web site beats their current one in ranking, your chances of making a deal are very good. That’s the strategy behind Rent-a-SERP, by Devin Zander and Mario Cimmino. This is a combination of: • Training • WordPress Theme (a beautiful... [...]