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Thursday, January 21, 2021

World’s first viral funnel builder just launched (also builds lists) #ad

Bossfunnels, which was just launched, is a smart drag-and-drop funnel builder with all the features that Clickfunnels, Leadpages and others have. But, it also offers something extra: it creates viral funnels, so you can build bigger lists and get more traffic. To be clear, a marketing funnel is a series of product offers made to visitors to a sales page. Usually, a funnel starts with a free or low-cost product and ends with a high-value product. Once a visitor accepts the first product, they are offered the second in the seriees. Once they accept that, they are offered a third, an so on. There... [...]

Your affiliate marketing can be more profitable; here’s how #ad

As you may know, affiliate marketing can be profitable and can be a low-hassle, low-time investment business. But, on the other hand, many people attempt to become profit-making affiliates and actually have to struggle to break even. Last weekend, three marketers, Anwesh Rath, David Kirby and Rav released Affiliate Marketing X to shows you some fresh methods to grow your affiliate income. They say that by choosing the right niche, using only free traffic, and getting back to basics, following their directions, you can rapidly improve your affiliate marketing success. In Affiliate Marketing X, you... [...]

Easy Cash Machine: 3 step blueprint for $100/day #ad

Brandon Pierce, Anwesh Rath and David Kirby have a plan that earns a marketer $100 or more per day, they say, and does it on autopilot. And, they say (and many users confirm), it’s not hard to get started and money should begin coming in quickly. Even better, this 3-step system is easily duplicated by anyone, regardless of their skill level or their past failures. By following these three simple steps, you can start from with know background or knowledge. These steps are the exact sequence Kirby used to build a full-time income in just a couple of months. Step 1 shows you the easiest ways... [...]

Build a buyers list from affiliate marketing #ad

Typically, affiliate marketers don’t get the names of people who buy what they promote. Those names go only to the product creator. That’s too bad. Those names are precious. These are people with problems, looking for solutions and willing to pay for them. Offer them another product related to the first, and they are a “hot” audience. You could hardly ask for a better one. David Kirby has figued out how to build a buyers list while succeeding in affiliate marketing, and now he is sharing it with you in Super Affiliate Jackpot 2. This is his upgraded version of the training... [...]