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Saturday, August 8, 2020

Dark Post Profits remakes Facebook advertising #ad

The Dark Post Profits team sent us a note saying they encourage you to get a “free” copy of Dark Post Profits.Here’s what they are thinking. When you go through Dark Post Profits and soak up its wisdom, you are going to love it, because it improves the success of your Facebook ads, many times over.If you do find it helpful, tell your friends as a “member affiliate”. When one buys, you get paid 50%, as a commission.So just 2 referrals and you have paid for your own copy, making it essentially “free”.The entire process is outlined in Section 10 of Dark Post Profits on... [...]

Dark Post Profits: A winning Facebook marketing strategy #ad

Chris Record grew up watching his mom survive on welfare, food stamps, and subsidized housing. He knew he didn’t want to be so limited in his future opportunities, so he became an entrepreneur, which has led him to a business that has provided for him and his family abundantly.One thing he has used to fuel his business is advertising on Facebook. But he has taken a different approach to Facebook ads than you read about in most training. He calls his approach Dark Post Profits.He first shared his strategy last year when he released the first version. Since then he has been improving and refining... [...]