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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Dan Kennedy Reveals the Secret Sales Code #ad

Dan Kennedy wrote an open letter to his mailing list that he is allowing IM NewsWatch to share with the public. Read the letter below because:   First, it’s a powerful example of marketing copywriting.   Second, it shows that Dan actually does what he teaches. You can learn a lot from experienced marketing consultants like Dan, so just don’t just read his letter, study it. Then make sure you check out the video he talks about in the email.  It will help you discover even more money-making marketing lessons. Subject line : Academic egghead, B.S.   Dan... [...]

7 things you need to know to make a sale #ad

We just heard from Dan Kennedy that Launch Day for his Make Them Buy Now System and Toolkit is less than two days away. In preparation for the launch, Kennedy has released his first Make Them Buy training video with remarkable underground content. As Kennedy always does, he, along with his partner, Dave Dee, has created a video with some incredible insights you won’t get anywhere else. There are reasons people don’t want to buy and reasons they do buy. People today are suspicious of websites, emails and other sales tools. They read whatever they get, looking for reasons not to buy what you... [...]

How To Magnetically Attract Your Ideal Customer #ad

Over the last week or so we have published several stories about the free training that Dan Kennedy was doing. While his one-time webinar is over, you can still get his other free materials here: Free pre-training for Magnetic Marketing Training. As good as the free materials are, you don’t want to stop there. The main training he just released, Magnetic Marketing Training, is even better. Thousands of successful marketers have gotten their start or expanded their business with Kennedy’s guidance. You can join them if you put Magnetic Marketing Training in your marketing library. But... [...]

Today at Noon EST: 5 Hour Training by Dan Kennedy (+ Live Q&A) #ad

This is your last chance to take advantage of an opportunity from my mentor, marketing legend Dan Kennedy. There won’t be a replay. To celebrate the release of his new training package, Magnetic Marketing, Dan Kennedy is holding a 5 hour marathon training session. If you haven’t reserved your spot when Dan Kennedy reveals his 3-step system on ■ How to create a flood of new customers, ■ Creating a cash flow surge and ■ Magnetically attracting prospects that want to buy from you Then click here now: Dan Kennedy’s Free Marketing Webinar. In this not-to-be-repeated training,... [...]

[FREE Mind-Map] Dan Kennedy: “How To “Create” Your Ideal Customer” #ad

Dan Kennedy has announced free training that shares his Simple Lead Generation System . With this training, Kennedy says, you never need to prospect again. His process eliminates that drudgery from your business. Kennedy is one of the original marketing and sales gurus, and he specializes in direct marketing. He recommends that you build your online marketing efforts around direct marketing principles. Kennedy is revealing his “3-Step Blueprint on “How to Create a Flood of Your Ideal Clients who want to do Business with You” on a one-time only free online event on Thursday. It will be... [...]

Dan Kennedy’s top 10 questions you need to ask #ad

Dan Kennedy’s top 10 questions for understanding a niche marketplace: 1) What keeps them awake at night, indigestion boiling up in their esophagus, eyes open staring at the ceiling? 2) What are they afraid of (most) (most frequently)? 3) What are they angry about? Who are they angry at? 4) What are their top three daily frustrations? 5) What trends are occurring and will occur in their businesses and lives? 6) What do they secretly, ardently desire most? 7) Is there a built-in bias to the way they make decisions? 8) Do they have their own language? (They probably do. Create a vocabulary... [...]

Dan Kennedy strikes again: Two Faces In The Mirror #ad

This article is listed as an ad because, ultimately, Kennedy will be launching a new product. He is giving you all this free training to show you how much he can help you. So when he does announce his product, you will want to take a look. We’re now nearly two months into 2014 and while you’re optimistic about your business this year, you’re still far from certain that this will be your break-out year. Kennedy’s guidance can be critical to turning your growth curve upwards this year. Kennedy’s latest article starts with a story about British entrepreneur, Richard Branson Richard... [...]

More Marketing Marvels from Dan Kennedy: What You Accept, You Get #ad

If you haven’t heard of Dan Kennedy, you need to know more about him if you are trying to build a business. Kennedy has been a leading marketing consultant for years, and he’s a consultant to the stars. Major marketers come to him for help. His training seminars are over-booked. That’s why when IM NewsWatch was offered the opportunity to publish some marketing tips by Kennedy, we jumped at the chance. This article gives you some important ideas for not limiting your business growth by small mindedness. Here’s a secret I’ve discovered about millionaire and multi-millionaire... [...]

Dan Kennedy’s “Magnetic Marketing Training” coming soon; free sample available #ad

Dan Kennedy is the “marketer’s marketer”. Think of any big name on the internet marketing business or direct marketing business, and that person is likely to have been trained by Dan Kennedy> His conferences and workshops are sold out constantly, even though they cost $Thousands to attend. He is preparing to release a new training package next week, called “Magnetic Marketing Training. To make sure people are thinking about what he can offer, he is starting to provide free training for us. IM NewsWatch is including an excerpt of a recent training article by Dan. You will... [...]

4-Step Blueprint To Creating a Successful Part-Time Info-Marketing Business #ad

One of the best-known trainer of marketers is Dan Kennedy. Thousands of successful online and offline marketers have learned from him. He and his team create some of the best training in the business. Through midnight Friday, there is a free recorded training webinar available online from Kennedy’s team: “4 Step Blueprint to creating a business from scratch that makes $100’s, $1,000’s or even more each month within 60 days”. (that sure is a long title.) In this webinar, Dave Dee, from Dan’s team, covers: • The 6 things you must look for when considering... [...]