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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Performing Cross-Domain Tracking In Google Tag Manager

Google Analytics allows you to measure your advertising ROI and track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. You can also perform cross-domain tracking using Google Tag Manager. Portent contributor Oeuyown Kim has shared an article on setting up and testing cross-domain tracking in Google Tag Manager. Kim says, “Cross-domain tracking is required on your site any time you see sessions broken up across root domains. There are a few common situations that might break up sessions in GA: Users Are Sent Through a Redirect This has been the most common offender in my experience.... [...]

A Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics [Guide]

Cross-domain tracking refers to the process of tracking multiple domains in a single Google Analytics property. It allows you to collect data from multiple websites into a single reporting view. Conversion Uplift contributor Neal Cole has published ‘A Guide To Cross-Domain Tracking in Google Analytics’ to help you extend your Google Analytics coverage and improve your marketing performance. Cole says, “You won’t need cross-domain tracking when users go between different sub-domains. Sub-domains are used to categorise different sections of a website, from blogs,... [...]