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Thursday, March 4, 2021

List Income Generator: Build your list, earn more commissions #ad

Two brothers, Damon and Shea Korte, have been using a list building technique that they say generates 158+ Opt-Ins and $110+ daily, and does it on autopilot. In List Income Generator, they show you how they did it. They give you explicit, detailed instructions, with graphics to illustrate so you can’t misunderstand. Follow what they have done exactly, they say, to build your own list, and create an income stream for your own business. They have found that CPA offers work well with their list, so they include substantial information on the campaigns that work for them, so you can copy and... [...]

CPA Murder: Revolting name, Sweet Profits #ad

Joe Puma and Charles Kidd have just released this training on how to imrove your CPA (Cost per Action) marketing profits, called CPA Murder. They have found that you can significantly improve your CPA income by making free offers that lead to CPA offers. And they show you how to do it in this new video training. You get a lot less resistance when you are giving away something for free. Then that gift gets the receiver to take action on the CPA offer. In these 14 videos, Puma and Kidd show how a beginner can become profitable CPA marketer with these strategies. If you know very little, you can... [...]

New-Gen CPA; finding CPA buyers with Twitter #ad

CPA Marketer Ezra Wyckoff has been working on his CPA business for a long time. He’s the marketer who released CPA Cash Kings (no longer available) last month, for example. Now, in the process of building his own CPA business, he has found an additional method of sending targeted traffic to CPA offers; he uses Twitter in a unique way. He shares this new method with you in New-Gen CPA. This process he shows you results in high quality traffic that the CPA networks will be pleased with. On the other hand, it is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It will require an investment and some... [...]

CPA Cash Tycoon: Use 7search for CPA profits #ad

Dan DaSilva has been testing for traffic. It’s a second-tier PPC provider that is run by a Warrior Forum member (and gives a discount on the first purchase by other warriors). In CPA Cash Tycoon, he shows how to use 7search to bring in CPA income. He shows the coupon code for the discount at 7search and then shows, step-by-step, how to set up a successful campaign in 7search. He describes this process as a set-and-forget system. In a video in CPA Cash Tycoon, he sets up a campaign in less than an hour (including all the time he takes explaining what he is doing). (The niche... [...]

CPA Anime Profits: Create YouTube cartoons that bring CPA profits #ad

Dr. Alex has found that with some traffic sources, animated cartoons are effective or motivating clicks on CPA offers. He knows a traffic source that they work well with; there could be others, as well. He creates cartoons with available online tools, places them on YouTube, and then advertises on a particular traffic source to send traffic to view his cartoons. As Alex points out on his sales page, most YouTube viewers don’t go there to buy anything. They are looking for something amusing or entertaining, or perhaps thought-provoking. Using cartoons fits their mind-set and helps you get... [...]

Pinterest Traffic Blast: Let Pinterest send you targeted traffic #ad

UPDATE: Pinterest Traffic Blast will close on Tuesday, April 2, 2013, at 10 AM EDT. Timothy Miranda is well-known for the high quality products he releases. In fact, his last 7 products all received “WSO Of The Day” ranking. Now, he has partnered up with two Pinterest traffic generation experts, Marisa Kerr and Andrew MJ. They have created a course, called Pinterest Traffic Blast, that reveals traffic strategies that are proven to bring incredible results on a consistent basis. These results include consistent $300+ days in CPA commissions and $17000+ in Amazon commissions already... [...]

CPA Quantum: Training from the master; over 1000 sold #ad

Gaugher Choudhry has made a name for himself in the CPA (cost per action) arena. For 15 years, he has been practicing online marketing and has earned millions through CPA. He has also taught many others how to do what he does. Now, Choudhry’s training is distilled in his new course, CPA Quantum. The foundation of successful CPA marketing is getting good traffic to your offers. That’s the main focus of CPA Quantum. This thorough training consists of 8 modules, each with: • A training video • An MP3 version of the video • A printable PDF version. You will discover: ►... [...]

Social Cash Takedown: 1 cent clicks from Facebook #ad

A direct Facebook ad campaign may not have worked for you. Many people report the same thing. However, there are other ways to use Facebook in your marketing, ways that are more effective. Mike Buontempo has just released Social Cash Takedown to show how you can gain fans for your fan page, monetize with those fans, and keep your edge rank up. In this training, Buontempo explains how he uses Facebook in his CPA business. More than that, he gives you his exact campaign that has been the source of income for him (up to $.65 per click), and he shows you how you can sign up for, and be accepted by,... [...]

CPA Wizardry 2.0: Step-by-step guide to getting started in CPA #ad

Thomas Utt has revised and improved his CPA Wizardry training. CPA refers to “cost per action” or “cost per acquisition”. You don’t need to know anything at all to start. CPA Wizardry is a complete course in becoming a CPA affiliate: • How to get approved by companies (they usually use a broker who actually approves you. • How to select offers to promote • How to create promotion campaigns online • How to use offline campaigns to build additional income It is easy to understand and just as easy to implement the strategies in CPA Wizardry. If you want to get... [...]

Live CPA Blueprint: How to build profitable CPA campaigns in a short time #ad

CPA can be lucrative, but it can also be heart-breaking. It’s hard to get started on the right path. Many would-be CPA marketers have tried and failed, often from using old CPA methods that no longer have much power. Live CPA Blueprint shows you a system that is in use now, profitably, and can be copied by nearly any marketer who chooses to. Paul says he has spent 9 years doing affiliate marketing, including CPA marketing, and through this long period, he has tested and refined his approach and now has methods that are unusually effective and easily copied by anyone. In this training he shows... [...]