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Friday, May 29, 2020

Creating a Media List for Your Content Promotion

Content promotion is an important element in your content marketing strategy. By choosing the right medium to enhance your online reach you can give visibility to your content. Portent’s Stella Murphy has shared an article highlighting the process to creating a good media list for promoting your content.Murphy says, “Your media lists should be targeted and specific. You’re trying to reach people who will share and link to your content, and they’ll only do that if your content is relevant to them in some way. Media lists should always target relevant contacts. When they... [...]

MOZ shares examples of advanced content promotion

Content marketing has become the backbone of several brands as it helps them promote products and services combined with authenticity.MOZ contributor Brad Smith has shared five examples of advanced content promotion strategies to help brands craft their own content marketing plans. Smith says, “Here’s how Kissmetrics, Sourcify, Sales Hacker, Kinsta, and BuildFire have used advanced content promotion tips like newsjacking and paid social to elevate their brands above the competition.1. Use content to fuel social media distribution (and not the other way around)Prior to selling the brand... [...]

Make your content marketing successful with these strategies

Creating a content marketing campaigns requires a lot of efforts. From ideation to execution you need to be very much engaged so that your campaign becomes presentable.The Entrepreneur magazine contributor Toby Nwazor has shared three strategies to help brands get more traffic to their content marketing campaigns in 2019.Nwazor says, “How can you get more people to see your content? Or, in other words, what are the best methods of driving traffic to your content marketing assets? Here are three tactics you probably haven’t experimented with – tactics that I think you’ll find... [...]