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Friday, April 3, 2020
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business
Internet Marketing NewsWatch|  Internet Business| Online Marketing|Home based business

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Importance of Visual Content in your Content Marketing Strategy

Robert Katai of Content Marketing Institute has posted an article showing importance of visual content. Visual content enables the marketers to give an emotional touch to the marketing efforts. UX/UI designer, web designer, graphic designer, creative director, visual content creator and art director play vital role in the development fo the visual content that leads to […]

‘6 Quick-and-Dirty Ways to Beat Writer’s Block’ – CMI

Alex Jasin says, “A severe case of writer’s block could lead you to rethink how often you publish. But here’s the thing: Publishing regularly gives you a chance to be an authority in your field by consistently providing value to your audience. It gives you a chance to engage them in the comments, social media, and […]

‘Are Your Buyer Personas Ready to Take on the World?’ – CMI

Marcia  says, “Customers’ concerns vary, sometimes dramatically, across regions and cultures. Because these variations present business opportunities, you might expect global companies’ buyer personas to reflect those variations. In fact, many organizations miss this opportunity, applying one set of personas everywhere. Even organizations that have regional or cultural personas may lack the insights they need […]

’23 Quotes to Inspire Your Content Marketing and the Difference You Can Make’ – CMI

Michele Linn says, “Are you feeling in a rut with your marketing? Or are you looking to be energized? I turn to these quotes – from inside and outside our industry – when I need an injection of inspiration. I share this compilation to help you think differently about your content, focus on doing less, prioritize […]

‘The Content Assembly Line is Broken’ – CMI

Doug Kessler says, “As companies turn their content marketing efforts up to 11, we’re seeing our own little industrial revolution, moving the content creation process from the craft workshop to the high-volume assembly line. The conditions are right: We have the division of labor – research teams, copywriters, designers, developers, experts in search, and social. We […]

‘Account-Based Marketing: What Content Marketers Need to Know’ – CMI

Ann Gynn says, “To market its webinar, InsightSquared went the extra mile. It bought 248 copies of the presenter’s book. The author autographed the books with an invitation to attend the webinar. Each one included a bookmark with a URL to register. Then, the company targeted everybody who visited its website with the same domain as […]

‘A Proven Process to Curate and Publish a Roundup of Industry Influencers’ – CMI

Daniel Knowlton says, “Have you tried putting together a list of top industry influencers? Curating and publishing this type of list, while reaching out to featured influencers, is proven to create a large amount of exposure for your blog from a highly targeted audience. This tutorial will walk you through the process. Though I focused on […]

‘5 Modern Content Marketing Best Practices for Getting Found’ – CMI

Sen Van Guilder says, “You have a content calendar. You have a blog. You have a social media strategy. All you’re missing is, well, the big kahuna: audience share that reflects the value of all the fantastic content you’ve created to promote your brand and your services to the big wide world. When it comes […]

‘4 Metrics to Track Impact of Content Marketing on Brand Awareness’ – CMI

Sujan Patel says, “Before you create content to boost brand awareness, it’s important to consider whether you’re creating the right type of content. Take infographics. These are most often used as a link-building tool. That’s fine, if gaining links is your goal. Infographics aren’t so effective, however, if what you really want is to increase awareness […]

‘Strengthen Your SEO Strategy for 2017’ – CMI

Jodi Harris says, “One of the greatest benefits of content marketing is its ability to play matchmaker: to help eligible businesses find and engage with its most desirable consumers – i.e., those who might have an active interest in what they have to offer. And because it is such a powerful driver of awareness, search is one […]