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Friday, September 25, 2020

WP Optimiser Boosts Conversions For WordPress #ad

It’s a fact that slow loading pages turn away impatient visitors and increase bounce rate for those who stay. The result is that you don’t get the benefit from the traffic you get:► Your conversions are lower,► Your bounce rates are higher,► Your advertising costs are higher.This has been proven over and over in real life. According to if your site takes 3 or more seconds to load you are losing 50% or more of your traffic due to visitor impatience.The problem is especially great for your mobile users since their phones usually have slower connections than... [...]

[ENDING] Why all WP sites run a huge risk of getting hacked #ad

The WP Site Guardian launch offer is now closing so it’s your last opportunity to get this security tool at 87% discount before the price goes up.The authors, Chris Hitman and Michael Thomas, say this is the only WP security plugin that successfully protects your site against current and future hacking exploits.Watch them hack a WordPress site in seconds: WordPress Hacking Demonstration.And worst of all,. none of the popular security plugins, firewalls or even expensive monthly security services are able to protect your site against a basic attack like the one in the demonstration.No... [...]

TrafficShield stops hackers in their tracks #ad

You never want to have your website hacked. It’s even worse than having your PC hacked. The problem is that some hackers are very clever, and probe any weakness in your defenses in your site that they can find.By the way, WordPress sites are especially vulnerable. When they probe many WordPress sites they find abundant opportunities to penetrate defenses and do their malicious damage. Without taking extra precautions, your WordPress site may have open doors that welcome hackers into your administrative system.Even if they don’t succeed, these attempts to penetrate your site eat up... [...]

Photoshop Training for the technically challenged #ad

Chris Hitman is an old hand at Photoshop, with a lot of tricks up his sleeve. Now he says he can take you from a beginner to an expert in just 180 minutes.He does it in recorded training, Photoshop Training by Chris Hitman, full of examples of what you need to discover to get started quickly..Hitman says that after this training, you cqn create a graphic as quickly as writing an email.Hitman shows you how to:• Make banners, headers and ads• Create 3D boxes, covers and reports• Make iPhone, iPad, Laptop and PC visuals• Brighten dull photos and fix red-eye for the people and animals... [...]