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Monday, October 3, 2022

Copyblogger Shares 20 Call to Action Examples for Instant Leads

By creating a strong call to action (CTA), you can turn visitors into leads. An effective CTA should be appealing and persuasive to generate desired results. Copyblogger contributor Tim Stoddart has published an article highlighting 20 call to action examples that create instant leads. He says, “The CTA extends well beyond a buy button. The copy around the CTA will have a much more significant impact on the CTA’s success than the words on the button itself. The key to nailing the setup is to know what resonates with your audience. For example, if you’re selling CRM software,... [...]

CTA Sidekick: Calls to Action that get noticed. Launches at Noon #ad

Ross Carrel announces his newest product, CTA Sidekick. If any plugin deserves to be called “Call to Action on Steroids”, this is it. For example, it lets you: • Play a video and, at any point in the video, require an opt-in to see the rest • Employ a stealth trigger to open the popup anywhere on your page • Show any video on your site and near the end (or whenever you choose), popup an order button on top of the video • Customize the look and action of the popup; you decide where and when it appears. • Many other features to be revealed at Noon. If you want... [...]