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Friday, February 3, 2023

Solo Ad Professor: Closely Guarded Solo Ad Formula #ad

Paul Nicholls uses solo ads to run his business. He consistently makes a profit from his ads, earning 2-3 times what he spent on the ad, or even more. In a world where many solo ads don’t earn any profit at all, and often result in a loss, Nicholls is an exception, someone who has learned to use solo ads the right way, the profitable way. Now he is sharing his solo ad strategy with us in Solo Ad Professor. He wasn’t always this successful; his first ads reaped no sales at all, but, as he tells the story, “I stumbled across a Powerful Solo Ad Formula that Changed Everything.” Not... [...]

Supercharged Solo Ad Profits: for your own products or affiliate products #ad

Jason Finley just released Supercharged Solo Ad Profits, showing how he uses solo ads to other people’s mailing lists to build his business. Finley is a successful affiliate marketer, often showing up in the top sellers during product launches. He says the key to his success is his use of solo ads. He uses a simple technique for buying solo ads, but his success hinges on finding the mailing lists that have a lot of buyers. That’s one of the key elements in this training. Finley’s comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about Solo Ads, and how to apply them... [...]

Inner Circle Solo Ads: Discover which solos earn their keep #ad

Thousands of webmasters and gurus offer to send solo ads to their list for a fee. But these fees are not small change, often ranging from $50 to $250 for one ad; sometimes, even more. You naturally don’t want to waste your money, but how can you avoid it? Rob Stafford has checked out a bunch of them (spending nearly $7,000 on solo ads in the process) and has recorded his findings in Inner Circle Solo Ads. In this report, Stafford identifies 10 solo ad sellers (all are in the IM niche) that have given him good results with the solos they have sent out for him. Their readers tend to be buyers. Along... [...]