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Monday, January 24, 2022

Eclipse: Business in a Box; over 5000 sold, now free #ad

A while back, we bought Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong‘s training, Eclipse. It is training on a method to earn income from YouTube, with or without making and uploading videos. They have decided that they want to give it away now, at no charge, to anyone who needs to earn more in their online marketing business. Why would they do this? It must be an economic decision, based on how they will profit best in their business. Here’s our best guess. If you you accept their free offer, you will be added to their list of “buyers”, even though you paid $0. You have shown an interest... [...]

StealthD: Turn Emails into Passive Income #ad

Spend an hour setting up a StealthD campaign, and reap the rewards with no further effort. That’s what Jono Anderson and Brendan Mace, the creators, are saying. Don’t stop with one campaign. Spend an hour from time to time to set up a new campaign. It can only help grow your business. Their method uses inexpensive paid ads offered by a “new-ish” Google service, to place your ads before users of the Google email service. Their recommendation is to start by paying Google $10 daily for these ads. As you grow, judiciously increase your daily ad spend. StealthD is a concise training... [...]