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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Infinitunes: Premium custom-made music tracks #ad

Whenever you create a video, whether for marketing or for entertainment, a background music soundtrack is an important feature. It adds interest and professionalism to your production. Even a dull and boring video can be improved with magnetic, energizing background music. That’s why Brad Stephens invented Infinitunes. Have you ever spent hours looking for the perfect background music track for your videos? If you are looking for love music tracks in all the wrong places, you may find that • YouTube removes your video • You get a cease and desist order from the copyright owner •... [...]

Speaq creates and sells ‘High-Converting’ videos #ad

New software, called Speaq Video Software, was released earlier this week by Brad Stephens. It automates the creation of marketing videos. It’s available for a very short launch period, starting Monday and ending today. During this launch, you have a choice of making videos for your own websites or, for just $2.95 more, receiving an agency license so you can sell videos you create to clients. In fact, you can let clients build their own videos. Either way, you can charge a fee to your clients. As an example of what it can do, with Speaq Video Software, you can convert any website link into... [...]

Video Drill Finds the Most Targeted Audiences on YouTube #ad

The key principle of marketing success is showing the right message to the right people at the right time. Once you have your advertisement crafted, you need to find the right people and show them your message right when they are interested in your topic. YouTube can help you do that. It has statistics on what videos (and what channels) get the most views, for example. This is the strategy; it’s just 3 steps to profit: 1. Find the leading YouTube videos and channels in your niche; 2. Advertise on those videos, using an intro video such as you have frequently seen on YouTube videos; 3. You’ll... [...]

Powerful New Lead Generation Video Software #ad

New software for creating high converting videos quickly and without much effort was just launched by Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens. It’s called VideoSkins and it can enhance your process of making videos for your products, for affiliate marketing, for TeeSpring campaigns or for your clients. VideoSkins allows you to create interactive, customized videos in minutes, and do it with a few clicks of your mouse. This software has the potential to increase your lead generation and even sales conversions dramatically. Here’s why. Any video you create and customize using VideoSkins is more... [...]

Three important things about Video Skins #ad

Sam Bakker and Brad Stephens announced their new software, VideoSkins, yesterday. Since then over 1000 marketers have seen the value and invested in a copy. These eager marketers know that for their videos to be effective, they must drive conversions, sometimes driving opt-ins and sometime driving sales. Bakker and Stephens say that VideoSkins is the best low-cost video tool ever to drive conversions. Here are three important facts about VideoSkins, described by its creators as “Video Customization on Steroids”. 1. It is not a WordPress Plugin. 2. It can be used on both Mac and PC. 3.... [...]

Audience Drill: More sales from your Facebook ads #ad

When done right, Facebook advertizing can be quite profitable. But it requires you to promote a good offer and to target the right audience. Unfortunately,many people find that (1) it’s hard to figure out what is going to sell and (2) what the best audience for it is. That’s why Sam Bakker and his partner, Brad Stephens have spent the last few months finding a way to solve these two problems. Their answer is Audience Drill, which lets you not only search for what your competition is posting on Facebook. In addition, it shows you the right audience to target for your offers. Audience... [...]

What if you could triple your ad effectiveness with a few clicks #ad

If you are looking for a boost in your marketing results, a boost that works for any niche and for any target market, investigate Targeting Inspector v2.0 Built on the success of the original Targeting Inspector,Version 2.0 adds new and powerful updates. Even if you invested in the original, you should consider the new version. It provides more market data and does it faster. Targeting Inspector v2.0 uncovers the deep passionate interests of Facebook users so that you can target the ones most likely to want and need your product or service. With the data it gives you, you can minimize waste in... [...]

Get more traffic to your videos without SEO #ad

If you want more people to see your videos, you’ve got to drive more traffic. But how do you send more traffic to see your videos? Well, most people try to do it through SEO, either using Google search or YouTube search. If if everybody is doing it, you can’t expect to get outstanding results from it. You’re just another “me, too” marketer with SEO. There’s another strategy that is proving to be more successful: Facebook. You may do many things to get the word out about your product or services. Blogging, for example, can be a big help. And when you blog, SEO... [...]

Precisely target your Facebook ads for higher profits #ad

If you’re using software to help you with your Facebook targeting – or if you’re thinking about it – you need to read this right now: Targeting your ads is key to a profitable Facebook campaign. You can select who should see your ads. If you know the keywords people are using when they search for your niche and product category, and only target the people who use those keywords, you won’t waste clicks. That leads to lower costs and higher profits. Targeting Inspector was the first software ever created to find targeted Facebook users based on your niche keywords. Now,... [...]