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Saturday, June 10, 2023

New, superior whiteboard doodle video software #ad

Doodly doodle animation software was just released by Jimmy Kim and his partner, Brad Callen. It builds whiteboard (and blackboard) videos by simple drag and drop actions. Through Monday, it is available on a “grand opening” discount; then the price rises. What makes this software better than other whiteboard software you have used? Besides the novelty of having the option to create blackboard videos, you get: • An easy to user interface that’s newbie and tech friendly • A good selection of art objects you can drag into your videos • Unlimited objects in your videos... [...]

Even beginners can build a business publishing Kindle books #ad

Brad Callen has released new software (AK Elite) to help authors and publishers create books that will sell nicely on Kindle. Unlike offline bookstores with their hard copy books, Kindle is wide open for new authors and publishers. And don’t let the label “publisher” bother you. Hire someone to ghost write a book for you; that makes you a publisher. Many marketing consultants tell you that the first step to selling a lot of Kindle books is getting reviews. Reviews are certainly helpful, but Callen says they aren’t necessary to get top ranking. If you understand why the current... [...]

Brad Callen Launches ‘CBSurge’ Software

Brad Callen has launched the ‘CBSurge’ software. According to Callen, this software enables marketers to find the ClickBank products which have high profitability potential and little competition. [‘CBSurge’ Software] […]  [...]

Brad Callen: 17 Spots Available for ‘SEO Link Vine ELITE’

Brad Callen has announced that 17 spots are available for the ‘SEO Link Vine ELITE’ network membership. ‘SEO Link Vine ELITE’ is a high Page Rank blog network. [SEO Link Vine ELITE] […]  [...]

Brad Callen Launches ‘Niche Finder’ Software

Brad Callen has launched the ‘Niche Finder’ software. This software enables marketers to analyze their keywords and their effectiveness in the search engines. [‘Niche Finder’ Software] […]  [...]

‘Elite SEO Strategies’ – ClickBank Blog

‘ClickBank’ latest blog post is titled “Elite SEO Strategies”. [ClickBank Blog] […]  [...]

‘Elite SEO Strategies’ – ClickBank Blog

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‘ClickBank’ latest blog post is titled “Elite SEO Strategies”. [ClickBank Blog] […]  [...]

Brad Callen Launches ‘SEOLinkvine Elite’ Membership Site

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Brad Callen has launched ‘SEOLinkvine Elite’ membership site. According to Brad, ‘SEOLinkvine Elite’ members will get backlinks from his personal blog network of high page rank authority and aged blogs. [‘SEOLinkvine Elite’ Membership Site] […]  [...]

‘Link Building Blueprint’ Brad Callen’s Webinar 9.00 pm EDT

Brad Callen is hosting a webinar on Tuesday, August 31 at 9.00 pm EDT. The topic of the webinar is “Link Building Blueprint”. [Webinar] […]  [...]

‘Secrets of an Affiliate Marketing Millionaire’ Brad Callen and Mark Ling’s Webinar August 4

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Brad Callen and Mark Ling are hosting a webinar on Wednesday, August 4 at 9.30 pm EDT. The topic of the webinar is “Secrets of an Affiliate Marketing Millionaire”. [Webinar] […]  [...]