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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

BotStar: Chat marketing automated #ad

As you know, Botstar was released yesterday. It has proven to be a popular tool. Over 500 have been sold. Chat marketing is one of the biggest marketing opportunities of the next few years, but hardly any businesses are using chat automation to reach and connect with their customers. Millions of people already use Messenger everyday, so it’s important to leverage that audience to drive more traffic, leads and sales. Botstar is new A.I. Chatbot Software for Facebook Messenger and for Websites. You can build your interactive chatbot in minutes, without any coding skills – it’s drag-n-drop... [...]

BotStar: Let the robot do your customer engagement #ad

Botstar is launched at 11:00 EDT; it chats with website and Facebook visitors. Online buyers are as demanding as buyers in ANY physical store. Before they will part with their money, they want their qestions answered, not in 24 hours when you or your admin is back online, but right away. The solution to this challenge is chatbot technology, with pre-programmed answers to questions typically asked by people interested in your products. As the technology has advanced, the newest chatbots can fully automate your marketing, from lead generation to sales. Even customer support (which is typically... [...]

Automate Sales, Marketing & Customer Support 24/7 without being Online #ad

Getting people to pay attention to (and respond to) your marketing messages is key to your online success. Doing it without consuming a lot of your time is key for your ability to get things done. Automating the process makes it usable 24/7, whether you are working or not. Chatbots can help build this automated customer (and prospective customer) support system that will do most of the work for you. That can make a big difference in what your business can do for your bottom line. Not only your business, any business with an online presence can benefit from the power of chatbots. So if you are... [...]