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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Can you become the 900-Pound Marketing Gorilla? #ad

Bill Platt and Andrew Zirkin have been online, earning a full-time income, for years and years. They tried many ways to earn income until they settled on creating products of their own and then selling them online. This approach, they have found, gives them the biggest payback for the time they invest. In fact, they say that you can structure your income to make $10,000 from a single hour of work. And that’s what they want to show you in their new training, 900-Pound Marketing Gorilla. This requires some planning and a lot of outsourcing of the nitty details, but they say it is a goal you... [...]

Coloring Books for Adults: Is this wild idea a money-maker? #ad

Bill Platt has taken notice of the new trend at Adult comic books are taking off and becoming big sellers. In fact, in 2015 sales have risen exponentially. Many big publishers have noticed this trend and are getting ready to enter this niche soon. But if you hurry, you can create create robust comics (with 50 drawings to color) in a single day. This speed to market gets you into the game quickly before the big players gain a foothold. Platt shows you how in his new training, Coloring Books for Adults. With his guidance, you can create coloring books with just a few clicks of your mouse,... [...]