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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Simple Affiliate: successful affiliate marketing the simple way #ad

Affiliate marketing is still the way for people beginning a home business to get started. There’s no products to create or buy. There is no hassle with shipping. There is no customer support needed. All these are handled by the product owner. All you need to do is advertise the product to a group of people who will be potentially interested in buying. When someone buys, you earn a commission. This is the best option for someone just beginning to work from home, but it isn’t foolproof. Some people have more success than others. Bill Hugall is one of the successful ones. For the last... [...]

How IM Underdogs can make automated affiliate commissions #ad

Bill Hugall and Tom E have a new training system for affiliate marketers that they call IM Underdog. They say this approach to the task of affiliate marketing can be the breakthrough that small marketers need to actually begin earning money in affiliate marketing. • The methods they reveal in this training are well-established and proven to work • They are showing you, step by step, how to carry out their process. • They give special attention to how to set up a successful email campaign for affiliate offers. • They show you how to drive traffic to your offer, using free traffic... [...]

Become an Online Marketing Coach without the work #ad

Bill Hugall and Shane Farrell have created a 30 day email coaching program complete that they are offering to you to sell as your own. They call it DFY Email Coaching Profits. Not only do you get all the coaching emails, but they also include sales page copy to use on your website so you can put your name on on the coaching and start selling it today. They suggest you sell it for $47-$197. This isn’t a typical training product. This is a complete ‘done for you’ email based coaching program with a sales page. When you get this package, you can simply insert your personal details,... [...]

The Simple Affiliate 2.0: Bill Hugall shares secrets to high affiliate sales #ad

Bill Hugall, from Vancouver, Canada, has been an affiliate for years, a very successful affiliate; “super affiliate” is a fair description. He sells other people’s products and makes good money doing it. Now, he wants to show you what real super affiliate do to create impressive paydays for themselves every time they mail. Hugall’s new The Simple Affiliate 2.0 reveals the details of his business plan to show his customers how he does it, and how they can do it, too. The fact that this is version 2.0 testifies to his diligence in refining his process to respond to changing... [...]

A sales funnel to earn a professional income #ad

A professional sales funnel to earn a professional income #ad Bill Hugall has refined his sales funnel for years (if you don’t know what a sales funnel is, he will explain it on his sales page). He says he has it down to a science, and he is willing to show you how to do it, too, in his new training, Big Ticket Blitz. Hugall says that the problem with most sales funnels is that they stop too soon. The funnel should lead people, step by step, to buy your “big ticket” product. And that product can be sold for thousands of dollars if approached properly. If your own sales funnel... [...]

The Newbie Society: All the techniques of a successful marketer #ad

Bill Hugall has been in the online marketing business for quite a while, and he has been showing other people how to do it for several years, too. His advice and suggestions have been so good that on the Warrior Forum he has been thanked 566 times. Now he takes direct aim at the problems faced by beginning marketers. in The Newbie Society, Hugall provides any novice, even a complete beginner, the training needed to build a business from scratch. He shows you: • How to get traffic from all the traffic sources you will ever need • How to WordPress to quickly build a site for your business •... [...]