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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Ant Metamorphosis: when you really want Google to like your site #ad

Oz has been selling Ant Metamorphosis for 3 days now, and online marketers are intrigued by his premise: this software and the tactics that he uses with it shot him to the top (the number 2 spot, worldwide) of Google in 3 weeks, and he was selling a $500 product, so this was a competitive niche.)In fact, in these 3 days, he has sold over 1000 copies of this system. It’s not expensive, but still that is a lot of sales in 3 days.IM NewsWatch has a bonus for you, now, that you can have to sample the power in this new training. With Oz’s permission, we have extracted one technique from... [...]

Going Live at Noon EDT: Ant Metamorphosis #ad

Oz is releasing his newest SEO creation today, Ant Metamorphosis. It’s the latest in his series of Ant products.Oz reports that with minimal content on his site, using the Ant Metamorphosis techniques, he was able to rank his site on Google’s Page 1 with only 2 backlinks.The good news is that his techniques are so simple that he says anyone can learn to do them in 37 minutes. It’s not a giant complicated process.With the changes in Google algorithms, for many important keywords your domain name isn’t as important as it once was, but your content is more important than... [...]

How to build backlinks after Google Hummingbird #ad

The Google landscape is changing rapidly. Google is constantly trying to improve their search results. As a result, to be successful getting organic traffic, you need to to keep on top of the changes.Google has made two algorithm changes one after the other in the last few weeks. First, the Hummingbird update, and then the Penguin 2.1 update. People are scrambling to adjust their businesses so they avoid ruin.To learn a simple and effective way to stay on top of the recent Hummingbird & Penguin 2.1 updates, check out this free short 5 min video that Oz has just released:Ant Metamorphosis... [...]

Yahoo! and Current TV Launch ‘Yahoo! Current Network’

Yahoo! and Current TV, a provider of viewer created content for television and the web, have launched “˜Yahoo! Current Network’. […] [...]

Forrester Research: ‘UK Online Insurance Sales Forecast: 2006 To 2011’

Forrester Research has released a new research report: ‘UK Online Insurance Sales Forecast: 2006 To 2011’. […] [...]

Goldman & Maroney Relaunch ‘JV Dealmakers’

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Marc Goldman and JP Maroney have relaunched ‘JV Dealmakers’. As part of the relaunch they are giving away ‘JV Secrets Revealed’ course for free, according to Goldman and Maroney. […] [...]