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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Amplifire Conversion Software attracts opt-ins & sales #ad

Amplifire has been available for 2 days, now, and has sold well over 1000 copies. This intuitive software can help you build your opt-in list , sell products, gather CPA commissions and more. It creates full-page attention-attracting screens they call “conversion mats”, and it has the simplest drag-and-drop system available in any similar software. They (Tom, Stuart and Ayoub) have created a real-time demo to show you how easy it is to set up campaigns. With this new software, it is easy to: • Create full-screen Calls-to-Action that grab your visitor’s attention (and get... [...]

The web is crowded; get a bigger share of visitor attention #ad

Today is day 2 of the launch of Amplifire, the software that holds a visitor’s attention on your site, or with the unlimited version, on any website you choose. In the first day, over 500 online marketers invested in this new software. It contains “pattern interrupt” technology, showing visitors something unexpected that you design that causes them to pause and consider what to do next. Psychologists say that you have less than 7 seconds to make an impact on your website visitors before they turn around and leave. You must earn their attention in that 7 seconds. With Amplifire... [...]

Amplifire: Get more subscribers for your lists, more sales #ad

Would any of these be helpful to your business? • Running special offers, contests & coupons • Adding Social Media buttons & Grow your traffic • Polling campaigns – segment visitors to increase your ROI • Promoting Shopify products on any site with the built-in Shopify widget • Creating multi-step opt-ins to boost conversions • Scarcity Campaigns – add countdown timers to compel your visitors to act now You get all this capability from Amplifire‘s built-in Drag & Drop Builder, with its 40+ customizable components to create any marketing... [...]