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Monday, September 25, 2023

Create Professional Magazine, Newsletter, or Book Covers in Minutes #ad

People do judge books and other printed matter by the cover. A good cover goes a long way toward better sales. Amber Jalink has been making attractive graphics for books, magazines and sales pages for a long time. Now, she has collected some of the best work she and her team have ever created and is offering it to the rest of us in her new Magazine Cover Templates. She has created templates with layouts, sample graphics and sample headlines that we can add our own text to in order to create covers for physical books and magazines or e-books and e-zines; even for membership sites, sales pages... [...]

Publish your own game apps, done for you #ad

Gaming is big business. Millions of game are downloaded by millions of people. Some marketing companies are profiting (big time) from all those downloads. There’s a lot of programming required to create a game, especially one with attractive visual effects. But today only, you have a chance to enter the game marketing business without all the hassles involved in producing your own game software. DIME Consultants has, for a long time, been creating apps for marketers to sell as their own. Now they are working on a suite of games to add to their CreateCoolApps system. Over time, they plan... [...]

Fresh plots available for romance authors #ad

Sometimes you need a little push to get past writer’s block. Getting your book on the virtual bookstand (such as the Kindle publishing site) as quickly as possible means you start earning royalties sooner. If getting started is your problem, Amber Jalink has an answer for you: Kindle Plot Ideas, Vol. 5. She doesn’t write your book for you, but she does give you a head start, including: •The couple’s careers •The steps from start to finish in most cases (some more expanded than others) •The concept (whether it is Romance, Action/Romance, Office Romance, Intrigue, Corporate espionage,... [...]