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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Google AdWords has released a new API called AdWords Scripts

AdWords Scripts are a lightweight JavaScript style interface for performing routine activities against an account, such as adwords scripting for updating and reporting on your AdWords accounts, making it possible for advertisers to develop custom tools and integrations quickly. AdWords scripts can’t do all the heavy lifting of the AdWords API and isn’t suited as the basis for a custom platform, but it can be useful for basic automation. AdWords scripts include built-in support for Google Spreadsheets and HTTP services, allowing you to pull in important data and take action in your account.... [...]

Google Changes Ad Rotation Process

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AM Khan reports that this year in May, Google made some changes to how ad rotation works in AdWords. After 30 days, AdWords would optimize to show higher-performing creatives.  Responding to user concerns, Google announced yesterday that it has made some additional adjustments to its process. It will expand the even rotation period from 30-days to 90, so there’s a longer testing window for new ads. Google is also offering an opt-out option, so advertisers can continue to have their ads rotate evenly indefinitely. If you want to opt-out of the rotation setting, there’s a form here. Continue... [...]

Improve the performance of your ads by linking your Google+ page to Adwords!

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2012 seems to be the year to push Google Plus. As with most social networks you can create a business page to help your company connect with users. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, you can promote your page and build up a list of premium members who have tremendous remarketing value. The network also gives you the opportunity to operate live video streaming and hangouts with your target audience. This can be a very useful way to interact with your target audience and deliver real time video content. For example, a company could host video chats with employees or industry experts. Once you have... [...]

Google updated search results for queries involving punctuation marks and symbols!

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Google usually ignores punctuation and mathematical symbols from a query because it doesn't index them. Recently, Google has updated its search results for queries involving punctuation marks and symbols. Searching for the symbol equivalent of a period, comma, carat, percent sign and more symbols now will return search results – though they aren't always exactly relevant. Google started to show results for queries like [.], [,], [:], [;], [#], [%], [@], [^], [)], [~], [|], [“], [<], [$]. When you search for [%], Google shows the results for [percent sign] and that happens irrespective... [...]