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Monday, May 29, 2023

Archive for the 'Marketing Commentary' Category

It’s Nice, but is it News?

We don’t publish all the internet marketing news items we receive, but we haven’t been too restrictive, either. So we have published information about well-known marketing trainers, as well as info about lesser known people and their work. This has served our readers well for years. However, the time has come to apply additional criteria to stories we publish. The specific problem I currently see relates to webinars. With the recent introduction of systems that make it easy to record a webinar and repeatedly broadcast it ad infinitum, we have been seeing a large number of repetitive... [...]

Dr Mani, How can I generate new product ideas? I don’t want to create products that won’t sell.

For many, coming up with new ideas for products or services can be a serious challenge. If you follow a simple process, it can be quick, easy and even fun. But underlying it is a mindset or philosophy that I’d like to share with you first. To be successful in information marketing, you must adopt the attitude of wanting to help your audience. Solve a problem for them. Guide them toward a desired result. Help make their lives better in some way. Your product doesn’t have to be earth-shaking. Just relevant to what your prospects need and want. Armed with this philosophy, you’ll... [...]

Creating Online Sales Funnels, From Where I Stand

This is my first column for IM NewsWatch. I’ll be “roaming” through many facets of internet marketing. I welcome your comments and questions as we go along. In this first column, I discuss creating sales funnels (and a cool little trick that makes creating them a lot easier.) [hana-flv-player video=”” width=”400″ height=”320″ description=”Dr. Veit Schenk on Sales Funnels” clickurl=”” clicktarget=”_blank” ... [...]

Dr Mani, What is the best way to identify a good niche market to enter?

Great question – and I say that because it’s such a rare question, yet one that is critically important to your eventual success as an information marketer. Far too many excited infopreneurs plunge straight ahead into creating content – writing an ebook or special report, building a website or blog, picking an affiliate product to promote – based entirely on what INTERESTS THEM… and little else. Later, with many frustrating hours of hard work behind them, they wake up to the reality that only few seem interested in what they have to offer – and are surprised,... [...]

IM NewWatch is instituting a new column called “Other Voices” for guest articles

In an effort to broaden the scope of our expertise, we will be inviting our readers to submit guest editorials for the Other Voices column. Any topic related to internet marketing principles, tools or technology is potentially a candidate for the Other Voices column. Although any reader can submit a column, only the best will make it into the column, after review by our editors. If you would like to have your article considered, please send it to [email protected]  [...]

Why IM News Watch did not shut down to protest SOPA

This is the first issue of the Curmudgeon’s Corner blog. I intend to use this platform to look at the foolishness, foibles and follies of internet marketers. We can probably learn as much from looking at mistakes as we can from looking at success, and I want to make sure these lessons aren’t missed. In this first post, I want to comment on the proposed SOPA law in the United States, and the spreading protests from people around the country. Its goal is to protect authors and publishers from theft of their intellectual property. That’s a laudable goal. I support, and even applaud,... [...]

‘4 Critical Reasons Why Photos Need Captions’ – Sean D’Souza’s Article

Sean D’Souza’s latest ‘PsychoTactics’ article is titled “4 Critical Reasons Why Photos Need Captions (Especially On Sales Pages)”. 4 Critical Reasons Why Photos Need Captions (Especially On Sales Pages) Imagine you put a photo of a client on your sales page Just the photo. No name of the client. No designation. No clue as to what industry that client is in, or where they come from. Heck, would anyone even know that person was a client? And yet the moment you put in the details, it’s like a fog has lifted. Suddenly there’s no room for confusion,... [...]

Discover What You Didn’t Know About Your Favorite Search Engine

Derek Gehl, successor of the late Corey Rudl, released the Internet Marketing Center’s latest Markting Tips newsletter. […]  [...]

Two Phishing Scams Target PayPal, eBay Users

Phishers have devised a new scam to trick eBay and Paypal members into submitting sensitive and confidential information. […]  [...]

Jo Han Mok, Copywriting Empire

Jo Han Mok has launched Copywriting Empire Executive Partnership Program. […]  [...]