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Saturday, April 20, 2024

Get 45 Bonuses when you buy through IM NewsWatch

First, there’s a special bonus called 2-Step Squeeze Pages.

There are many different kind of squeeze pages in use by online marketers, and in your IM Career, you probably have seen many of them. But there is a new type of especially effective squeeze pages that work a little differently than most.

They are called 2 Step Squeeze pages.

Usually in standard squeeze pages, people need to simply enter their info inside the fields on the page.

In 2 Step Squeeze pages, people actually need to enter their details inside your optin form.

These 2 Step Squeeze pages convert well because people actually take action to enter their data inside your optin form.

Aravindh has incorporated this feature inside Fanpage List Builder.

You will be able to get this feature of their platform as well as the other bonuses mentioned below without paying anything extra when you buy Fanpage List Builder

BONUS #1 | Value: $17.00

Facebook Fanpage Magic

What all marketers must know about creating a massive presence on Facebook, that will drive traffic, a following and sales.

BONUS #2 | Value: $37.00

Social Bookmarking Secrets

How to leverage social bookmarking sites can be a mystery until you read this report.

BONUS #3 | Value: $27.00

Twitter Tricks

Uncover the secrets to using Twitter effectively.

BONUS #4 | Value: $57.00

Facebook Fortune

Discover The Secrets To Using Facebook The Right Way For Success In Your Business! How To Use Facebook To Whip Your Market Into A Money Machine!

BONUS #5 | Value: $7.00

50 Ways Businesses Can Use Social Media

Uncover 50 unique methods for utilizing social media to drive leads and sales to your business.

BONUS #6 | Value: $7.00

Google+ for Internet Marketers

Discover Exactly How You Can Start Taking Advantage of Google+ To Connect With People In Your Market, Boost Your Search Engine Visibility, Generate Traffic, Sales and Much More!

BONUS #7 | Value: $7.00

Google Plus Game Plan

Discover the Latest Trend In Social Media And Work Less, Enjoy More And Earn Fast With Google+! Gain new insights from this ultimate comprehensive guide in making money with Google+ like a pro!

BONUS #8 | Value: $7.00

Facebook Game Apps 1

Profit From Facebook’s Gaming Network! All New Set Of 150 Games!

BONUS #9 | Value: $7.00

Facebook Game Apps 2

Profit From Facebook’s Gaming Network! All New Set Of 110 Games!

BONUS #10 | Value: $7.00

Max Fan Force

Facebook Marketing script “Max Fan Force” allows for fans to go through Like Page, Post a Comment, Allow for Gift or Discount Code for “Liking”. No resale page included. “Read Me” contains link to instruction video website.

BONUS #11 | Value: $7.00

LikeList v1.2

Facebook Marketing software “LikeList v1.2″ comes with tips pdf…

BONUS #12 | Value: $7.00

Facebook IFRAME Pro – WordPress Plugin

“Facebook IFRAME Pro” is a simple to use WordPress plugin that lets you create a Facebook Fanpage in a few minutes, allows for autoresponder code insertion. Includes user guide, ebook “Facebook Marketing Secrets”.

BONUS #13 | Value: $47.00

Twit Vader

Once Upon A Time… In A Galaxy Far Far Away…. Awe Who Am I Kidding? Who Else Wants To Own A Brand New Software That Completely Automates ‘Following’ On Twitter, Based On YOUR Keyword Searches?

Grab A Copy Today Of This Brand New Software That Is So Easy To Use, My 5 Year Old Daughter Can Use It To Build And EMPIRE Of Followers On Twitter!

BONUS #14 | Value: $57.00

Red Parcel PLR

The Largest Christmas PLR Article Package Ever! With Over 676 Quality PLR Articles In 5 Major Christmas Market Niches! File Size: 5.5MB

BONUS #15 | Value: $47.00

Top Twitter Techniques

Discover The Secrets To Using Twitter And Have Great Success In Your Business! How To Tweet Your Way To Network Marketing Success!

BONUS #16 | Value: $47.00

Compensation Plan Perfecto

Discover The Secrets To Finally Understanding Compensation Plans! How To Use Facebook To Whip Your Market Into A Money Machine!

BONUS #17 | Value: $37.00

Google AdSense Profits

Learn How You Can Make Thousands of Dollars a Month in Extra Income by Effectively Using Google AdSense on Your Website! Google’s AdSense is Grossing Well Over $10 Billion a Year and They Want to Share that with Their Media Partners that Host Their Ads!

BONUS #18 | Value: $27.00

Social Traffic Tactics

Free Report Reveals 30 Explosive Tactics To Get Unlimited Traffic From Social Media Sites!

BONUS #19 | Value: $37.00

Twitter White Knight

Discover How To Ethically ‘Steal’ Thousands Of Followers From The Twitter ‘Gurus’ – Without Being Banned, Sued Or Thrown In Jail!

BONUS #20 | Value: $27.00

Social Media Sling Blade

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Rock Star In Social Media!

BONUS #21 | Value: $77.00

Social Influence

Discover How To Harness The Power of High Traffic Social Media Sites To Attract A Crowd of Loyal Followers! This Guide Will Show You How To Attract More Followers So You Can Generate A Ton of Traffic To Your Sites!

BONUS #22 | Value: $67.00

Cashing In On Craigslist

How To Use CraigsList For Building Your Business!

BONUS #23 | Value: $47.00

Facebook Fanatic

Get More Traffic With Facebook!

BONUS #24 | Value: $47.00

Mastering Local Google+

How To Gain And Maintain Local Clients With Local Google+!

BONUS #25 | Value: $27.00

Social Media Power

Discover How To Harness The Power of Social Media Sites like Facebook And Twitter To Ignite Your Business Through The Roof…This Guide Will Share With You 200 Powerful Social Media Tactics For Increased Sales, Fans and Followers!

BONUS #26 | Value: $57.00

Unstoppable Facebook Traffic

Get Enormous Social Media Traffic Instantly By Discovering The Super-FAST & EASY Facebook Strategies! I Was Scared Out of My Wits Whenever I Used This Tactic – But the Strategies Was Too Good to Pass Up!

BONUS #27 | Value: $37.00

Crushing It With YouTube

Learn How to Drive a High Volume of Quality Visitors to Your Website With YouTube Videos! Tips and Techniques From the PROS on YouTube Marketing so You Can Get in on the Action Now and Leave Your Competitors in the Dust!

BONUS #28 | Value: $67.00

Google+ For Business

Discover How You Can Get Tons Of Free, Targeted Traffic And Massive Exposure For Your Business To Instantly Increase Your Profits Through Google!

BONUS #29 | Value: $17.00

Big Book of Social Media Marketing Tips

Get Instant Access To 200 Powerful Social Media Marketing Tips To Increase Your Followers, Build Credibility And Gain More Customers! These Tips Will Surely Put Your Business Into Overdrive! You’ll Discover How To Take Advantage of High Traffic Social Med

BONUS #30 | Value: $27.00

The Ultimate Social Media Plan

Social Media ebook “The Ultimate Social Media Plan” covers Understanding the Value of Social Media Buzz and What It Can Do For Your Business, Developing a Winning Social Media Marketing Plan, Set up and Manage a Facebook Page That Works, Tweet Your Wa

BONUS #31 | Value: $57.00

Twitter Basics For Internet Marketers

Finally! Discover How To Unleash The Power of Twitter To Market and Grow Your Online Business… Even If You Know Absolutely Nothing About It!

BONUS #32 | Value: $57.00

Using Facebook to Build Your Success

Facebook Marketing ebook “Using Facebook to Build Your Success” covers 5 Simple Steps to Advertising Success on Facebook, Use Facebook Page……

BONUS #33 | Value: $37.00

Customizable Business Cards

BONUS #34 | Value: $27.00

WP Social Widget Plugin

BONUS #35 | Value: $27.00

WP Social Press Theme


Bonus #36 ($47.00 Value)

Time Line Covers

Along with your Social Viral Wizard purchase, we have designed some awesome Timeline Covers which you can use for your fan pages in various niches – both Online and to your offline clients.

You just need to enter your business information in those PSD layers and then save your cover images to your repository.

Bonus #37 ($47.00 Value)

Like Gates

You need to make sure everyone who hits your fan page becomes a fan.

So we have designed Like gates which you can use in your Facebook fan page tabs to lure your fan page visitors and make them a fan of your business!

Bonus #38 ($27.00 Value)

T-Shirt Designs

A way to monetize your fan pages is by selling tee shirts, You can definitely end up selling 1000’s of tee shirts on Facebook but your success depends on your Tee shirt designs.

We have a collection of the best selling tee shirt designs and we will be providing you these designs as an additional bonus so that you can design your tee shirts in accordance with these winning designs that we provide.

Bonus #39 ($37.00 Value)

Business Cards

If you do end up offering social media services to local clients, you need your clients to respect you and think you are a big brand.

So we have designed some stunning business card designs wherein you can just download our designs, choose your favourite design, customise it by entering your details and then just print them to hand it over to local business owners.

We have done the work for you, and you will be able to position yourself as a professional company with these business cards.

Bonus #40 ($47.00 Value)

Top 20 Niche List

If you are a newbie and you are getting into Facebook marketing, you might be wondering what niches are profitable on FB which you can go after.

We have made a collection of 20 niches which has worked for us, so that you can get the same level of success with FB marketing like how we do it.

Bonus #41 ($37.00 Value)

5 Offers for Monetization

Once you start your fan page, and get a fan following – you must focus on making money off your fans.

When you purchase Social Viral Wizard, we will be sharing with you our prized list of high converting offers which you can promote to your highly targeted fans and rake in commissions!

Bonus #42 ($47.00 Value)

5 Scripts for Selling Fan Page Management

Ok, so you do know how to build a fan page, get a following of fans but you are clueless about how you can approach Local Business owners and sell them your services?

Well – we were also having this problem earlier.

We paid our copywriter big bucks to solve this problem and he sent us 5 scripts for selling fan page management to any local business easily.

We will give you the exact scripts we use to sell Social media services to offline business owners.

This will be delivered after 2-3 days because we are still updating it.

Bonus #43 ($97.00 Value)

Quote Generators

For running your Facebook fan pages, you need to post interesting stuff which will make your fans emotional.

Content which hits people’s emotions will definitely go viral, so we have made a list of quote generators and meme generators from where you can find interesting content to post on your fan page!

Bonus #44 ($47.00 Value) Meme Generators

For running your Facebook fan pages, you need to post interesting stuff which will make your fans emotional.

Content which hits people’s emotions will definitely go viral, so we have made a list of quote generators and meme generators from where you can find interesting content to post on your fan page!

(You can get all the bonuses inside the members area when you buy Fanpage List Builder

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