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Friday, April 19, 2024

Ezy Profit Sites Bonuses for IM NewsWatch Readers

Ezy Profit Sites Bonuses


Instashop will let you turn your Instagram account into a shoppable store, you will be able to sell to your customers directly inside of Instagram when they are most engaged… In 3 simple steps you will be able to use Instashop to quickly sell any of your offers!
STEP 1: Install Instashop plugin to you website
STEP 2: Authenticate Instashop with Instagram
STEP 3: Configure some settings and start selling

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WPMultiCommission – all in one plugin for Affiliate, Price Comparison, Deal sites. WPMultiCommission is all in one solution for creating profitable websites, affiliate websites, price comparison, deals and product reviews.
WPMultiCommission has many pro features which you can find on top comparison sites. Creating such sites is possible now for everyone without spending thousands of dollars for developers and content makers.
Why WPMultiCommission is the best plugin for online money making?
==> Easily adding offers from different affiliate systems by keyword
==> Support for Woo Commerce and product synchronization
==> Automatic updating prices and offers
==> Option to generate auto updating price comparison lists of actual offers by keyword
==> Options to set search filters for modules (price range, discount, categories, best offers, CC license, etc)
==> Automatically adds your partner ID to links
==> Possible to use Multi location for Amazon
==> Several output templates (grid, lists, product boxes)
==> Price drop alerts for products, Price history with graphs
==> Works with any theme
==> More that 20 affiliate system APIs and we added more and more.

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Envato Affiliate Site Creator

Envato Affiliate Builder for WordPress makes it easy to generate tons of referrals to Envato by automagically converting your marketplace links to referral URLs. This plugin creates Envator affiliate links automatically from every link of the Envato program: ActiveDen, AudioJungle, ThemeForest, VideoHive, GraphicRiver, 3Docean, CodeCanyon, Tutorial+ Network, Photodune!
So are you looking for an easy way to make an affiliate site for Envato?
Envato Affiliate Site Creator is all you need.

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FB Viral and Marketing Social App

Did you ever dream to get a viral app fully integrated to the Facebook experience? You’ve got it. With this app you can let you users connect with their Facebook account before being able to access a reserved content (video, article, download link…).
But that’s only one part of this app can do, here is the most awesome and marketing oriented list of features:
• Get and store in your database the users email
• Be able to post a message on your users Facebook wall
• Be able to send an email to your users
• You can send messages to only one, or a selected group of users !
• Preview any user data stored in the database (email, name, etc)• Build-in tool to export your users data into a CSV format• Automatic send a defined email to your users when they first connect
• Ability to delete the users from the backend interface
• Customize the content reserved for connected users right from a backend form
• Rich text editor for the locked content (new)
This app can get you more traffic, features a proven way to get your real users email, and can be a base for your promotional and marketing projects.

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MovieMart – Movies and TV Shows Affiliate Script

Discovering new movies and TV shows has never been this great. Now with the MovieStore script you can have an instant and fully automated movies and TV shows affiliate website filled with the latest and most popular movies and TV shows.
For iTunes affiliates and Amazon affiliates the MovieStore script offers a great way to promote movies and TV shows and earn a commission on revenue generated by clicks initiated from your website, just input your affiliate id in the settings file and all the links to iTunes or Amazon will have your affiliate id attached to them so your sales will be counted.
Do not worry if you are not an iTunes or Amazon affiliate, with different sizes of advertisement spots in place you can promote any other affiliate program or ad company that you want to use.

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Facebook Auto Reply & Bulk Private Message Sender

• Auto Reply/Message By Keyword Or By Post ID.
• Latest Facebook SDK v5 for PHP
• Send Message To All Users Who Replied On Posts
• No Facebook Application Required
• 100% Working After Last Facebook API Changes
• Auto Comment
• Send Private Message
• Hide Comments
• Delete Comments
• Like Comments
• Easy installation
• easy Cron jobs
• realtime Comments
• Tag Names On Comments
• Unlimited Pages
• Unlimited Accounts
Get your copy of Ezy Profit Sites and your bonuses here: Ezy ProfitSites

WP-eCommerce shop to Facebook

This plugin automatically imports your WP-Commerce web stores onto your Facebook fan page having it fully customized to fit both the Facebook arena and the original brand’s look & feel.

(If you are using WooCommerce Shopping Cart, please use this plugin).

This plugin can also automatically import all of your social networks activities from Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube onto Facebook.

AND – to top all that this plugin will provide you with the following social marketing tools that will boost your sales:

Group Deal

A marketing tool enabling you to have your fans attracting their friends to join a specific deal that will only take place if a certain number of users, defined by you, joins it. Watch this short video to see how the Group Deal gained over 1,000 sales and 4,000 new fans in 24 hours to our Scandinavian fashion brand merchant, OnePiece.

Scratch & Win

An innovative marketing tool enabling you to get straight to your fans’ newsfeed where they ‘hang out’ in a fun and incentivizing way. This tool allows your fans to win coupons by playing a game of scratch cards.


Enables you to have your customers tagging your store in their Instagram photos, making them feel a part of the store community while spreading your word to their friends. You can then link each photo to its relevant product, share it, and have it redirecting to your product pages.

Like Box

Adding a Like Box to your online shop will help you increase your Facebook fan base.

Twitter Tab

Display a feed of your tweets within a tab on your Facebook page.

Pinterest Tab

Display your Pinterest boards on Facebook – Your fans would love that.

YouTube Tab

Display a Youtube channel on your Facebook page, keeping your fans engaged with your page.

Instagram Tab

• Display an Instagram tab on your Facebook page, and add a great added value to your fans.

• Import your Woo Commerce store to Facebook, you’ll be amazed by its results!

Woo Commerce 360 degrees and video product viewer

When online shopping dominates the traditional market, image is the only way customers consider the product quality and make a decision to buy. Images not only illustrate the products but increase customers’ belief.

• A well designed product display can increase sales by up to 44 percent
• Videos and full 360 degrees spin views make sales increase up to 97 percent

Woo Commerce 360 Degrees And Video Product Viewer provides you an easy way to add a dynamic, controllable 360 degrees image rotation and preview videos to your Woo Commerce site. By simply adding a group of images or video embed codes to a product, you’ll have a beautiful image rotation and videos replace the product’s featured image.

WP Notifier

This is an effective marketing tool designed to stimulate the conversion of site visitors into customers. Create and place in the required location on your website animated notifications, showing to the visitor sham activity of the registered users, like logins to the site, ordering or subscriptions, mentioning on social networks and any other activity.

Through the demonstration of notifications generated to create a “sense of queue” or “herd effect” with plugins for WordPress, the visitor receives a subconscious motivation to join the actions of other users.

Key features of the plugin:
• create a template and configure settings of notifications display with a kind of activity to which you want to motivate the visitor – registration, purchase or order of services, distribution of publications on social networks;
• set the variables of time, what gives the demonstrations realistic effect;
• create an unlimited number of different types of notifications to provide comprehensive impact on visitor;
• select the most effective text messaging for your target audience;
• set the notifications style and its animations so that they harmoniously woven into the sites design, depending on the used WordPress theme;
• set the notifications display to registered users or all users; for the sites with localization, set the display depending on the selected language.

Get your copy of Ezy Profit Sites and your bonuses here: Ezy ProfitSites

Advance Screen Recorder And Video Trimmer

Advance Screen Recorder and Video Trimmer is the best solution to record the screen and edit or trim video for Android 5.0 and above. It does not require ROOT and NO TIME LIMIT, easy to record screen by using floating button


• Record screen with different resolution 360p, 720p and 1080p (with best quality depending on your device)
• Easily trim recorded video
• Screen recording have feature to record Frames per second
• Record Screen video with audio or none
• Easily change file save location
• Recording Settings contain Floating Controls, Camera Overlay
• User can easily set target app to record
• Shake to start Recording or Stop Recording
• Easily save video as a GIF File
• Share video with your friends via social media

Get your copy of Ezy Profit Sites and your bonuses here: Ezy ProfitSites

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