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Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Archive for the 'Website Templates' Category

Set & forget WordPress theme builds profitable video sites in minutes #ad

If you are looking for an elegant theme for building video sites, Yoedi Wahyudi has a new theme that can simplify your work and improve your monetization. WP VidPress is new WordPress theme that allows you create elegant video sites quickly and easily and then quickly populate them with relevant videos captured from YouTube and turn them into video posts. There’s a lot to like about WP VidPress. For example, you will find these features helpful: It will automatically pull YouTube videos into your site. It will automatically create posts with the videos. It’s 100% Fully Responsive... [...]

3 Minute Funnel Makes Getting Started Online Easy #ad

Building your first website (or your second or third, for that matter) can be a challenge. You want to use it to build a recurring income, but there are a lot of things you need to put in place: • Create a giveaway product so people will opt-in to your mailing list • Make an attractive graphic for the product (probably a report) you are giving away to people who opt in • Design a high converting squeeze page where people can sign up • Create an OTO (one time offer) to add into your funnel so you can earn income from people who sign up • Create a redirect page where people are sent after... [...]

Last day to get Instabuilder 2.0 Discount #ad

A week ago, Suzanna Theresia launched InstaBuilder 2.0, and the sale has been a big success for her, over 3000 copies sold. She has decided to end the discount tonight. This new software gives anyone the ability to build slick, professional web pages with point-and-click ease. This tool makes it easy by giving you over 100 templates for pages you probably want to build at some point. You don’t have to use them, but they are there if you want them. It also comes with a whole portfolio of graphics you can drag and drop onto the page you are building. And it tracks how people use your site.... [...]

Local Theme Jack: Build websites for local merchants in 10 minutes #ad

When you price a service for a client, the fair charge is what the service is worth to them. What it costs you is only relevant as a “floor”; don’t charge less than it costs you or you’ll go broke. The other principle of pricing is that a service is worth what a willing buyer will pay. Auctions are built on that principle. The price isn’t a pre-determined amount; it’s what the final bidder is willing to pay. When a marketing consultant offers to build a website for a local client the price can be as much as the client thinks the site is worth to them. Usually... [...]

Ultimate Mobile-Ready Landing Pages (for CPA and more) #ad

Jay Garces Jr (known to his friends as Jaggy Jay) has been doing well in the CPA (Cost per Action) business. One of the foundations for his success has been the landing pages he builds for CPA offers. They have been professional-quality, and (very important) they have been friendly to people who visit on a mobile device. Garces has put together a package of 90 fresh CPA landing pages for other CPA marketers and is making them available on the Warrior Forum. He calls them his Ultimate Mobile-Ready CPA Landing Pages. So many people are searching, buying and generally hanging out on their mobile phones... [...]

Easy Download Protector: A “business in a box” membership site #ad

Here’s a product you can sell as your own. And it come with a membership site to use in delivering it. It’s called Easy Download Protector. That’s the product you will be selling (you can also use it yourself, of course.) As you probably guess, this is software (a WordPress plugin) that assures products are only downloaded by people who have purchased them. Your clients will find that it keeps thieves away, leading to more income for them. Your membership site comes with several premium plugins to make it ideal for building a long-term business for you. Besides the Easy Download... [...]

KMG Amazoner Bundle: Three complete Aamazon affiliate websites #ad

Mari Yamada has released several products in the past. Her latest is KMG Amazoner Bundle. It’s a set of 3 fully built-out niche-oriented Amazon affiliate sites. The 3 niches your sites will attract are: • Wine accessories • Pools and Spas • Pets Your stores will never get old and stagnant; new products are continually added. As Amazon requires, prices are continually updated. All the products in your store are neatly categorized so your visitors can easily find what they need. And if they don’t see a particular item on your site, there’s a search bar so they can... [...]

Three Sites ready to use or to sell on Flippa #ad

In this special sale, you receive: 1. A Whiteboard Video Creation Website, selling witeboard videos to marketers who need them 2. An SEO Website, selling SEO services. Both are based on first class WordPress themes. Both of these sites have been designed for high optimization and to convert visitors into buyers. Besides the sites themselves. you get a list of outsourcers who can perform the services you are selling. And you are allowed to use or sell as many copies as you like. The third site is a bonus: Flippa Sales Letter Templates. (These are highly converting Sales Letters for selling a website... [...]