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Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Category Name: Ads

People are seeking news on COVID-19; you can help #ad

The problem with COVID-19 information is that it is scattered all around the web. It would take a long time to track it all down. People would like to have a single website where they could get all the relevant information to protect themselves. You can build a site like this with WP C19 Automated News Site.This is a WordPress theme customized with graphics and code to target the COVID-19 news niche and auto-post niche-specific articles 24/7. With it you can spread updates about COVID-19 when they become available.As with any WordPress site, installation is a breeze. It takes about 5 Minutes... (Read More ...)

How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan; Content Sparks Sale #ad

Today’s new sale: How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan.Content marketing can get overwhelming at times. Nevertheless, to keep your business growing, you have to create content that helps your audience. Otherwise, they will go elsewhere. And, just as important, if your audience consists of other business people, they have the same problem you do.That’s where How to Create a Realistic Content Marketing Plan. will help you and help them, too.Teaching people how to create a realistic, achievable content marketing plan, using this PLR course, can relieve a lot of their stress... (Read More ...)

Successful affiliate marketing: training and software #ad

Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky have teamed up to produce a new training program for affiliate marketers that they call 300DollarDay.It starts with step-by-step training that teaches you how to build a following from scratch and monetize it though affiliate marketing. Also included is the special software Brett uses to do his affiliate promotions and build his email list.You are getting both their marketing methods and the software they built to implement them. That sounds like a complete package.The method revealed in 300DollarDay does not require:► Any technical or marketing experience►... (Read More ...)

Content Sparks Sale, Day 7: Build your Audience using Social Media #ad

Today’s new sale: Build Your Audience Using Social Media.One of the things we marketers are always wrestling with is how to grow our audience. That’s every marketer’s concern. You may want to investigate this new “Done for You” training program that you can present to your tribe. You know your followers will love doing a better job at it, so they would be interested in your training.List Building will always be a need for marketers. You can turn Build Your Audience Using Social Media into a powerful evergreen course that you can make available for downloading or... (Read More ...)

Content Sparks Sale: Sales Funnel Magic PLR, half-price #ad

Today is day 6 of the Content Sparks half-price sale. Tody’s half-price product is Sales Funnel Magic.This is a fully-customizable course that you can put your own name on. It teaches your clients and customers how to design high-converting, automated online sales funnels that will build a loyal customer base and bring in ongoing revenue.Remember Sales Funnel Magic is a complete “done for you” product, including:► Course Book and Action Guide► Slideshow► Infographics & Graphics► Cheat Sheet► Planning worksheets► and more.In your course (taught in a live... (Read More ...)

Did you know that 52% of website traffic comes from mobile #ad

Hootsuite issued a report that found the 52% of internet traffic now comes from mobile devices, 43% comes from desktops and aptops; 5% comes from tablets and other devices.And the mobile share is growing, while the share for desktops, laptops and tablets is shrinking. More and more, your site needs to be optimized for mobile. Pages should display correctly and quickly for mobile devices.That’s why Google invented AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Pages formatted as AMP pages are great for making your site work efficiently with mobile devices. Your main concern is how you can create these... (Read More ...)

Speedii: transforms website into fast-loading, mobile-friendly site #ad

New WordPress plugin Speedii combines the power of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), PWA (Progressive Web App) & FBIA (Facebook Instant Articles) to make your site blazing fast, accessible, offline-usable, and mobile-friendly. And that’s important because it raises Google’s opinion of your site. Better rankings ensue.As you probably know:• Google thinks mobile-ready websites are superior to those only designed for desktop viewing. You site needs to be responsive to all screen sizes: phone, laptop and desktop. This new WordPress plugin solves this problem for you.• Google... (Read More ...)

Guru Destroyer connects you with real buyers #ad

Jamie Lewis has built a seller marketplace (called Guru Destroyer) for affiliate marketers, domainers, ecom and service/agency sellers and more. And he has just released it for use by online marketers. Users sign up, and then can use the marketplace to sell digital products.In addition to the marketplace, he includes training modules where you can learn some of the newest cutting edge marketing strategies for 2020 taught by Lewis, himself.Guru Destroyer allows you to post your marketing link, such as• A product for sale,• A service you offer,• A domain you want to flip,•... (Read More ...)

Content Sparks Anniversary Sale, Day 1 #ad

What if there were a way to create passive, recurring revenue quickly by sharing your business expertise with a hungry crowd, without having to invest a lot of time or cash in preparation?The Content Sparks company, led by Sharyn Sheldon, has a well-deserved reputation for creating ghost-written content to assist people in building a business as a trainer.Content Sparks prepares content for business trainers of all kinds. If you are (or would like to be) a:• Platform speaker,• Coach,• Seminar leader or• Trainer,they can help.They create complete packages that you can... (Read More ...)

Affiliate Robot: One Click Affiliate Traffic in any niche #ad

With Billy Darr‘s new software, Affiliate Robot, you can automate your affiliate marketing. That means that you won’t be tied to your desk. You can work whenever you want, for as long as you like, because the software works for you all the time, to provide you traffic, leads and (he reports) even sales and do it all in momentsDarr wanted the software to be practical even for beginners so he made it quite easy to use and, not only that, easy to scale as your business grows.You are also getting the agency licence to Affiliate Robot, so you can provide marketing services to clients,... (Read More ...)

Free Red Carpet Magic: a home business that offers payments & travel perks #ad

Vick Carty has released new training a few days ago. We are late telling you about it, but it may be helpful to someone who loves to travel (after the virus has been conquered, of course.)It’s called Free Red Carpet Magic, and it’s helpful to any marketer who wants to add some fun to their work.Your clients could be in the travel publishing business, hospitality business or the visitor promotion business, anyone who would profit from increased traffic to their (or their client’s) destination.In Free Red Carpet Magic, you will discover how you can offer a special promotional service... (Read More ...)

Leveraging The Power of Podcasts: The World Needs Your Voice #ad

Steve Olsher is holding a live webinar today to introduce marketers to the sales power of podcasting: Profiting From Podcasts: Live Webinar.In case you haven’t heard of Olsher, he is the host of the top-rated podcasts: Reinvention Radio and Beyond 8 Figures. Today’s webinar is free and it’s live. He wants you to know how to take full advantage of everything podcasting can do for your business.Here are the highlights of today’s Live Webinar:► How to leverage the inordinate power of podcasting to educate, inspire and entertain► How to share your mission and message... (Read More ...)