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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Archive for the 'Website Backup' Category

Have a WordPress site? You need to back it up-now #ad

IM NewsWatch had server problems a couple of weeks ago. We were down for a week. It was a miserable 10 days.Why the long delay in getting it back running after the break-down? Well, we had out data backed up, but our software that runs the site had not been backed up and it it had to be re-built.We learned our lesson. Your whole site needs to be backed up.If you are one of the 76% of WordPress users who don’t back up your site, you are courting disaster. There are many ways your site can fail:• Hard disks fail.• Your site can get hacked.• You can install incompatible... [...]

Backup Creator: easily backup, restore, clone your WP site #ad

Sadly, things can go wrong with the best website plans:• A server can crash, taking down your site and data,• Hackers can penetrate your best defenses and take over your site and hold it for ransom or use it to promote their ideology.• Your hosting company can go out of business and leave you with nothing. (It’s happened to us twice.)Are you ready for the worst to happen? To be ready, you need a recent backup of your site that you can use to restore it quickly and easily. Then it can be “just like it never happened.”For WordPress sites, there is a simple, inexpensive... [...]

WP Snapper: Backup, Clone and Customize WordPress sites in minutes #ad

In the online business, time is critical. You don’t want to waste time because you’ll never get it back.One of the most time-consuming and frustrating things for most marketers is building their website. It’s hard and it takes a lot of tweaking and finagling to get it right.Once you have it right, you can congratulate yourself, but wouldn’t it be nice to do more with that hard work? Especially, people who have to build one website after another in their business could use some help.If you consult for other businesses, for example, to get them online, you have to build... [...]