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Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Archive for the 'Webinar Software' Category

Meetvio: All-in-one webinar platform: live, auto, evergreen, hybrid #ad

Webinars continue to turn in high level of conversions, especially for high value products. They have become even more important in light of people working from home during the virus crisis.There are many services that provide a platform to let you run your webinars. GoToWebinar is the best-known service, but there are several others.There is a recently launched service that you may not be aware of, but that may meet your needs at a lower cost than most platforms. It was just re-launched by Kyvio, and is known as Meetvio.This is built for the small business or individual who has recognized the... [...]

Content Sparks Sale: Sales Funnel Magic PLR, half-price #ad

Today is day 6 of the Content Sparks half-price sale. Tody’s half-price product is Sales Funnel Magic.This is a fully-customizable course that you can put your own name on. It teaches your clients and customers how to design high-converting, automated online sales funnels that will build a loyal customer base and bring in ongoing revenue.Remember Sales Funnel Magic is a complete “done for you” product, including:► Course Book and Action Guide► Slideshow► Infographics & Graphics► Cheat Sheet► Planning worksheets► and more.In your course (taught in a live... [...]

Set-up & run profitable Live, Evergreen and Hybrid Webinars #ad

Webinars sell. That has been proven over and over. Not only that, they generate leads, build brand authority and scale up a business. So why aren’t more people using them in their marketing?There are a lot of excuses:1. Don’t know how2. It’s too hard3. I am not an extrovert. I don’t want to talk to hundreds of people.Maybe you have a different reason for not using webinars, but whatever your reason, there is a new webinar system that might make you change your mind, called Meetvio Webinars.For example, what if all you had to do was:1. Pre-record a webinar,2.... [...]

New, low-cost webinar platform: WebinarJam (corrected link) #ad

You may have heard of WebinarJam before. The truth is that there was an early version of it released in 2014, but there’s a new version available now with features that make it much more powerful than before.Before we talk about new features, one word about cost. WebinarJam delivers some of the lowest prices for webinar hosting anywhere.Besides this cost advantage, the collection of business-friendly features that the new WebinarJam has to offer makes any concern about its price a secondary issue.For example, the new WebinarJam includes:► a point-and-click registration page builder,►... [...]

High earnings through online webinar selling #ad

Webinars add a personal touch to your selling. People can hear you an, usually, can see you. They feel a connection with you that a printed sales page just can’t produce.When you create your webinars using a proven formula, your income should increase measurably.Joel Petersen has been selling on webinars for years, and he has packaged his techniques and software he uses to run his webinars into a new product: Webinar Income System 2.0.For years, marketers have known the selling power of webinars, and Petersen has helped regular people like you get started and finally make income online.For... [...]

Walt Bayliss releases Webinar Jeo professional webinar system #ad

Webinars are a route many successful marketers use to bring in income. In that way, webinars are like TV infomercials, only a lot cheaper.Webinar systems are widely available. Unfortunately, although they are cheaper than infomercials, many webinar platforms are themselves pricey for small marketers.The best-known webinar platforms are priced out of the reach of beginning marketers. Check their pricing here:• Go to Meeting pricing• Webex pricingEven Mike Filsaime’s and Andy Jenkins’s WebinarJam, designed for individual marketers, is $397 per year, and it depends on Google... [...]

RunClick Owners Upgrade: Important news for previous buyers #ad

If you invested in Walt Bayliss‘s RunClick software, you will want to be aware of this update he is making. RunClick turns Google Hangouts into webinars, with registration, reminders and other important tools for marketing webinars. This software makes professional webinars available to any marketer; no deep pockets are needed.The technique worked, but there are two limitations that reduced the value of using RunClick:1. There is a delay in transmitting what you say, only a second or two, and if you are lecturing, it doesn’t matter. But, if you are doing an interactive webinar,... [...]

Don’t trip over these 5 mistakes in your marketing webinars #ad

We just checked and Walt Bayliss is still offering a free copy of his new report, The 5 biggest mistakes that webinar presenters make.Bayliss is hard at work on new software that makes it easier to do successful webinars. He wants people to understand that webinars can form an important part of a marketing strategy, but only if they are used intelligently.That’s why he created this free report, The 5 biggest mistakes that webinar presenters make.When Bayliss is ready to announce his actual product, IM NewsWatch will report it.While you wait, pick up a free copy of this report with no... [...]

The smart marketer’s alternative to GoToWebinar #ad

Many of our readers balk when they discover that GoToWebinar charges $89-$299 per month, depending on how many people can attend. GoToWebinar is the leader in the webinar field, but their cost is beyond the means of a marketer just starting out.Now, there’s an alternative that is far less expensive, and also has better support for the webinar process. It’s called Webinar Fusion Pro. It was just announced by Jonathan Teng, and his partners, Lester Lim, and Dwayne Golden, and there’s a “grand opening” sale going on.The reason they can price this alternative webinar platform so much less... [...]

Webinar Fusion PRO discount expiring at 11 AM; price rising #ad

Webinar Fusion Pro was released yesterday, and for the first 24 hours, there is a discount price. In a few hours, at 11 AM EDT, the price will be going up.And the initial discount is considerable: an 85% discount for acting before 11 AM.There’s nothing comparable to Webinar Fusion Pro in the market today. Google Hangouts were not designed to support all that goes on with a webinar (registration, product sales, thank you pages, etc.) But Hangouts do offer basic presentation support, and Hangouts are free.With this new software, you can make the most of Google Hangouts. Use them to drive significant... [...]