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Monday, August 10, 2020

Archive for the 'VR for Marketing' Category

What will happen to VR in 2019?

Virtual Reality (VR) has occupied its space in today’s advanced technological developments and the marketing channels have been benefiting from it.The year is about to end and the new one is starting in a month’s time so its high time we find out what future holds for VR.HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener has published a comprehensive article highlighting the state of VR in 2019.Amanda says, “As 2018 draws to a close, here is the state of VR.The VocabularyVR doesn’t stand alone as the only technology designed to create an alternative, but somewhat lifelike reality.By... [...]

Three reasons VR is not picking up

When it comes to sales and marketing, the newly emergent technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) have helped the brands in a great manner. The VR helps brands to connect with the customers and offer a personalized experience.HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared three reasons why VR is not going mainstream despite all its features are so useful for the promotional aspects.Wiener says, “what’s stopping VR from going mainstream? After all, at a minimum, it’s fun to play with. The use cases for education via VR have been lauded by some. And as headset technology continues... [...]

7 Tips to create VR content marketing strategy

Virtual Reality is helping brands showcase their products to their customers and make them buy the products. Creation of right VR content can help you prosper in ecommerce.HubSpot columnist Michael Peggs has shared seven tips to create a content marketing strategy for virtual reality.Peggs says, “Despite what you might think about VR, it’s not a completely inaccessible marketing tactic. Creating a content marketing strategy for virtual reality isn’t that different from a normal content marketing strategy, but it requires an understanding of engagement through interactivity.How... [...]

‘Forrester report: VR is not yet ready for marketers’ – Martech Today

Barry Levine says, “If you’re a marketer rubbing your hands together in anticipation of the virtual campaigns you’ll run in virtual reality, you may want to take a breath.The title of a recent Forrester Research report will likely slow you down: “Virtual Reality Isn’t Ready for Marketing Yet.” (Fee required for non-clients.)The study finds that “critical-mass consumer adoption of high-end VR headsets is five years away,” although 360-degree video “will flourish on low-to-mid-end VR devices in the meantime.”Generally, VR is defined as immersive and generated environments... [...]