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Thursday, August 6, 2020

Archive for the 'Voice Shopping Trends' Category

How to Make Most Out of Voice Search

Voice search is the new driver of mobile-powered Internet. The adoption of voice brings you a fresh opportunity to use this technology for enhancing your marketing efforts. The MediaPost contributor Arno Ham has shared three ways you can prepare to use voice technology for marketing. Ham says, “While historically thought of as a consumer tool, voice technology is being embraced by more and more B2B customers. Nearly half of respondents to a survey conducted by Stone Temple Consulting said that they use voice search at work. Ninety percent of executives do research from their mobile devices... [...]

The state of voice shopping in 2018

There has been a hype on the new turning point the ecommerce domain with the helps of voice search. Devices like Google Home and Alexa are going to play an instrumental role in it.HubSpot’s Amanda Zantal-Wiener has shared some useful data in the status of voice shopping.Amanda says, “Earlier this year, new data emerged that predicted voice shopping sales from Echo and Google Home devices would reach $40 billion by 2022: quite a significant jump from the present $2 billion cited at the time.The reason, the report said, was improved technology within the realm search — as... [...]