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Saturday, March 6, 2021

Archive for the 'Visual search tips' Category

Everything You Should Know About Visual Search

The Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and Bing Visual Search are the leading examples of visual search which is considered to be the in thing now. The visual search technology lets you search the Internet using real-world images like photos or screenshots. The Yoast columnist Edwin Toonen has shared comprehensive article highlighting the future of visual search. Talking about the adaptation of the visual search, Toonen says, “Research shows consumers are very interested in using visual search as part of their shopping experience. What’s more, a recent Sparktoro article uncovered... [...]

Strategies to drive more conversions with visual search

Voice and visual search have become the new trendsetters in the search engine marketing. With visual search too you can drive more sales for your e-commerce products. MOZ columnist Jes Scholz has shared some useful strategies to improve conversion rate with visual search. Scholz says, “Traditionally, image search functioned like this: Google took a text-based query and tried to find the best visual match based on metadata, markups, and surrounding copy. But for many years now, the image itself can also act as the search query. Google can search for images with images. This is called visual... [...]

‘How visual search is helping ecommerce brands’ – EConsultancy

Nikki Gilliland says, “It’s a hard thing for a writer to admit, but sometimes, it can be downright tricky to find the right words. When it comes to searching for products online, it’s usually much easier to imagine what you want than describe it. Luckily, visual search is helping to change this, making it much easier for consumers to find exactly what it is they’re looking for. I attended Brighton SEO last week, where Purma Virji from Microsoft gave a talk all about this topic. So, what exactly is visual search, and more specifically, how is it changing the way we buy online? With... [...]