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Friday, August 14, 2020

Archive for the 'Visual Marketing Tips' Category

Everything You Should Know About Visual Search

The Google Lens, Pinterest Lens and Bing Visual Search are the leading examples of visual search which is considered to be the in thing now. The visual search technology lets you search the Internet using real-world images like photos or screenshots.The Yoast columnist Edwin Toonen has shared comprehensive article highlighting the future of visual search.Talking about the adaptation of the visual search, Toonen says, “Research shows consumers are very interested in using visual search as part of their shopping experience. What’s more, a recent Sparktoro article uncovered... [...]

2019’s Visual Web Design Trends

Web designs keep changing and you notice their improvement resulting from creative efforts combined with new technologies. Econsultancy contributor Lizzy Hillier has shared six visual web design trends that we may observe in 2019.Hillier says, “Let’s take a look at six of these trends set to make a splash this year (and don’t forget to check out Econsultancy’s User Experience and Interaction Design Guide for Mobile and Web).1. Shapes filled with colourful gradientsThis might sound weirdly specific, but bear with me. Whilst flat design is still hanging on for now, brands are beginning... [...]

Entrepreneur Magazine shares eight visual marketing tools

Visual is one of the most influential forms of marketing. It is one of the most effective ways to connect with the people and attract them.Entrepreneur contributor Jyoti Agrawal has shared eight visual marketing tools to help marketers tap into visual marketing in 2018.Agrawal says, “Apart from grabbing the audience’s attention, high-quality visuals can also aid information retention, improve the engagement factor, and lead to more shares on social media. More importantly, visual content is now easy and cheap to create — thanks to the availability of cloud-based tools and platforms.Here... [...]