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Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Archive for the 'Green Screen Software' Category

500 HD Green Screen Videos with 40 pro actors #ad

Imagine live actors promoting your products, without the high cost. That’s what Max Rylski is offering you with his new Green Screen Actors Mega-Sale. Since the actors are presented in front of green screens, you can merge your own artwork of a product, a sale, or other special event so that by theiir movements and gestures, they will be calling attention to your offer. These actors can make your videos look like professional TV commercials. And that professionalism will rub off onto your product, so it will look classier than ever before. Over 500 videos are included. You can see a sample... [...]

Green Screen Studios Bundle: better videos for better marketing #ad

Green screen technology can improve the appearance of your videos, making them more likely to: ► Get people to watch till the end ► Attract Likes, Tweets and Re-posts ► Get clicks on your Call to Action buttons With green screen technology, you record your video in front of a screen that is a particular shade of green. You then use software to remove that green backdrop and replace it with any scene you have a picture of. In the final video after the software processes it, you could be sitting at a TV news desk, standing in an office, or in a scenic outdoor location. If you have the right... [...]